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Marietta Dentist Kirk Kimmerling DDS Now Accepts CareCredit Dental Payment Plan

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Dec 12 2012

Kirk Kimmerling DDS of Marietta, GA, has announced that his dental bureau will now accept a CareCredit dental payment plan. With a further of this new remuneration plan, some-more patients will be means to accept dental services.

Marietta, GA (PRWEB) Dec 12, 2012

Marietta cosmetic dentist, Kirk Kimmerling DDS now accepts a CareCredit remuneration choice for studious services. Patients who revisit Dr. Kimmerling’s dental use and who have successfully practical for CareCredit might accept a whole horde of dental services, including base canals, whitening, dental implants, and other treatments.

The CareCredit remuneration devise offers special financing and low monthly remuneration plans, no up-front costs, and no-prepayment penalties ( The CareCredit label can be used for dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry, and follow-up appointments, and can also be used for deductibles and co-payments.

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La Mesa Dentist, Richard Hagstrom, DDS, Looks to Educate a Community of San Diego County by an Interactive …

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Dec 05 2012

Richard Hagstrom, DDS, is reaching out to patients with an intuitive, patient-interactive website, while providing information about his specialties and procedures.

La Mesa, CA (PRWEB) Dec 05, 2012

Sedation dentist, Richard Hagstrom, DDS, has announced a launch of a new, patient-focused website combined by dental website design leader, ProSites, Inc. Dr. Hagstrom’s use is utilizing a website to teach a village on a significance of verbal health. The website includes a links page with ominous dental resources as good as a frequently asked questions page to residence common concerns on topics trimming from verbal hygiene to formidable dental procedures.

”Today some-more than ever, patients are wakeful of their dental options since of a internet,” Dr. Hagstrom says. “Unfortunately, there are not a lot of elementary resources where patients can try true brazen information per their teeth. We

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General Dentist Michael Boyer, DDS, Brings 30 Years of Experience to SmileCare Stockton

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Dec 02 2012

Dr. Boyer offers ubiquitous and puncture dental services in Stockton, CA, including fillings, extractions, base waterway therapy, crowns, bridges, dentures and teeth whitening.

Stockton, CA (PRWEB) Nov 28, 2012

SmileCare Stockton is unapproachable to acquire ubiquitous dentist Michael Boyer, DDS, to the use located during 5756 Pacific Avenue, Suite 75, in Stockton, CA. Dr. Boyer has some-more than 30 years of knowledge treating children, teenagers and adults. His bureau accepts some-more than 200 forms of insurance, and offers dental financing skeleton and SmilePlus®, an disdainful assets module for patients but word or a bonus dental plan.

Dr. Boyer and his group offer teeth cleanings, fillings, extractions, base waterway therapy and retreatment, crowns, bridges, dentures and partials, dental make restorations, teeth whitening, periodontal illness management, shallow augmentation, bone grafting, verbal cancer screening, veneers and other services designed to assistance patients say a

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Op-ed: Dental therapists are not a right fit for Washington state

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Nov 29 2012

ORAL illness is a many common ongoing illness inspiring children. The good news is that it is scarcely 100 percent preventable, no matter your age. No one is some-more dedicated than Washington’s dentists, hygienists and other dental staff to saying all Washingtonians giveaway of dental spoil and pain.

Recently, a thought of a new dental provider used in Alaska has been suggested as a sorcery bullet for improving dental access. [“Dental therapists could assistance people get caring indispensable in Washington state,” Opinion, Oct. 11.] However, this due pill is not a cure.

As a practicing dentist for some-more than 35 years, both in Washington and in farming Alaska, we know that no singular resolution will urge verbal health for a many vulnerable. We need a multifaceted proceed formed on education, prevention, financing and innovative delivery. These solutions should be tradition built to simulate a realities of Washington state, not farming Alaska.


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Zuga Medical prepares to move simplified dental implants to ubiquitous dentists in 2013

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Nov 17 2012

The tens of millions of Americans who have during slightest one blank tooth have a few options. They can have a normal overpass put in, have an make put in, or do nothing.

Despite a physical and health consequences compared with blank teeth, many people do zero since of a cost or fear of physic procedures. During a overpass procedure, a teeth adjacent to a blank tooth are shaved down, and a fake tooth is connected to crowns that fit over those dual teeth. Implants, meanwhile, have become increasingly popular since they don’t repairs a surrounding teeth. But a obstacle is they are some-more invasive and contingency be ingrained during a surgical procession where a dentist drills into a jawbone, definition they also cost more.

Making that procession easier and some-more cost effective for ubiquitous use dentists is what Dr. Chan Wang set

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Union Dental and Drinkable Air Complete Prototype of a Green Ozonator for Dental Offices

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Nov 07 2012

CORAL SPRINGS, FL–(Marketwire – Nov 6, 2012) – Union Dental Holdings, Inc. ( PINKSHEETS : UDHI ) — a provider of multi-state dental services for kinship members, announced today, as a partial of a Joint Venture Agreement with Drinkable Air (DA), that they have recently finished a antecedent of a Green Ozonator on schedule.

This product is a healthy prolongation of a Drinkable Air product line and is designed to kill any microbes in a H2O before and after it is pumped to a operatory by introducing ozone into a H2O supplied. Ozone has prolonged been used as an effective H2O disinfectant and this product addresses concerns that have grown over bacterial decay of a H2O lines used in areas such as dental operatories. Kevin Noonan (Kevin Noonan Consulting), a Six Sigma Black Belt, acted as a consultant on a plan to pattern and build the

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ILIU: Positive PST Study Data

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Aug 07 2012

ILIU: Positive PST Study Data   

Brian Marckx, CFA

This morning (8/6/12) Interleukin Genetics (ILIU) announced that a University of Michigan suggested top-line formula of a energetically awaited PST exam study.  The top-line information is positive, in preference of Interleukin’s PST investigate display efficiency on a primary endpoint, change in tooth detriment formed on studious risk category.  

The study, strictly patrician Periodontal Disease Prevention Study: A Retrospective Cohort Study to Assess a Effect of Genetics and Dental Preventive Care on Periodontal Disease was saved by Renaissance Health Service and conducted by a University of Michigan.  It examined 16 years value of information from over 5,000 patients taken from a vast dental claims database.  It is a pivotal investigate that is approaching to uncover that certain risk factors, including a certain outcome on ILIU’s PST genotyping test, can assistance envision periodontal illness and establish a optimal number

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Root waterway medical device organisation raises $20 million

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Jun 30 2012

Sonendo Inc., a Laguna Hills organisation that is building a new record to make base canals easier and reduction painful, has perceived $20 million in equity financing, $9.2 million of that is for an initial closing, a association announced Thursday.

Photo by Miguel Vasconcellos, The Orange county Register

This is Sonendo’s latest turn of funding. Last August, a association said in a regulatory filing that it had lifted $5.9 million of a $6.4 million turn of equity fundraising.

Sonendo’s latest investment was led by OrbiMed Advisors LLC, with NeoMed Management fasten prior investors that embody Fjord Ventures Management.

The dental record firm, before famous as Dentatek Corp., pronounced a new income would be used to finalize record development, account clinical studies and commercialize the initial base waterway diagnosis system.

Vince Burgess, Venture Partner during OrbiMed Advisors, pronounced his organisation invests in companies like

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Sonendo Agrees To Terms For Up To $20 Million In Financing

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Jun 29 2012

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Proceeds To Advance Development and Commercialize Treatment for Root Canal Therapy

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., June 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Sonendo, Inc. (formerly famous as Dentatek Corporation), a privately-held association building disruptive technologies to renovate endodontic therapy, announced currently that it has concluded to terms for a $20 million equity financing of that $9.2 million has been invested in an initial closing.  The turn was led by OrbiMed Advisors, LLC, with NeoMed Management fasten existent investors, including Fjord Ventures Management.  The deduction from a financing will be used to finalize record development, account clinical studies and commercialize Sonendo’s initial endotherapy system.  Vince Burgess of

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Does America Have a ‘Dental Care Crisis’? Wait Until You See What Taxpayer-Funded, Soros-Linked PBS Documentary Has to …

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Jun 24 2012

Anyone who has listened Barack Obama‘s former arch of staff Rahm Emanuel’s contend “you never wish a critical crisis go to waste“ is understandably doubtful of a rush of ”crises” that have gripped a republic in new years.  The president’s health caring overhaul, for instance, was done to be a predicament of staggering proportions, with doctors slicing off people‘s feet and holding out children’s tonsils for profit, when in all odds a reforms have usually worsened a situation.

Now, taxpayer-funded PBS is airing a documentary called “Dollars and Dentists” that might reason a look into what America’s subsequent “crisis” could be, during slightest if we listen to politicians.

Watch a trailer, below:

The website reads:

More than 100 million Americans don’t go to a dentist since they can’t means it. Instead, they finish adult broke, in serious pain and struggling to get by. Sometimes they even die.


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