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Tooth angel encourages healthy teeth

Tooth Care | Posted by admin
Feb 23 2011

Children get elementary summary from Tooth Fairy

Wearing a pinkish ballerina dress and sparkly white wings, a Tooth Fairy had a elementary summary on Sunday: Take caring of your teeth.

About 75 children attended a annual Tooth Fairy Day during a Lackawanna County Children’s Library, a kick-off eventuality for a Scranton District Dental Society’s jubilee of Feb being National Children’s Dental Health Month.

Children asked a Tooth Fairy what she does with a teeth she collects, and how she knows they mislaid a tooth.

“I get those teeth and we plant them in my garden so your new tooth can grow,” she said, adding that she has a special alarm that rings when children remove teeth.

Pediatric dentist Stephanie Hanyon, D.M.D., regulating a immature dinosaur with teeth as a prop, told children they need to brush twice a day for dual minutes, and to revisit a dentist twice a year.

She also asked a children what

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