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Scientists grow teeth out of urine

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Aug 01 2013

Scientists in China have successfully grown teeth out of branch cells found in urine, presumably heading a approach towards being means to renovate a dental structures.

Researchers from a Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health private branch cells from urine, and used those cells to grow teeth in a laboratory. The investigate was published in Cell Regeneration Journal on Jul 30.

The researchers pronounced a tooth-like structures had dental pulp, dentin, finish space and an finish organ, though they were not as tough as healthy teeth. This wouldn’t make them a viable approach to grow teeth right now, though destiny investigate might lead to that one day.

Dr. John C. Comisi, a dentist in Ithaca, N.Y. and a orator of a Academy of General Dentistry , told that urine contains a lot of element that is private from a physique — including cells — so it creates clarity that it

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Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey Dentist Now Accepting New Patients for Dental Implants as an Excellent Alternative to …

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Aug 07 2012

Michael Margolin, D.M.D., provides patients in Englewood Cliffs a choice of dental implants to reinstate blank teeth. There are many reasons that teeth could be missing, including tooth decay, gum disease, and even a outcome of an accident. Rather than withdrawal a opening in a smile, it is critical to reinstate a blank teeth. Implants are deliberate to be a permanent solution, and those disturbed about a dental make cost might find that prolonged term, implants are really cost-effective.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ (PRWEB) Aug 06, 2012

Dr. Michael Margolin of Margolin Dental Associates wants his patients to have happy, healthy smiles. He understands a problems that blank teeth can means and wants patients to know that dental implants are a really viable option. Implants are really durable and many have stood the

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