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Acid attack: Soft drinks and tooth erosion

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Dec 19 2012

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Already underneath glow for being high in sugar, caffeine and other diseased substances, fizzy drinks and fruit extract are also rarely acidic. If we splash them frequently thoughout a day, a poison they enclose attacks tooth enamel, wearing it down and withdrawal teeth some-more sensitive(1).

Consumption of soothing drinks in a UK has been usually augmenting given 2005. In 2011, a normal chairman drank a whopping 235.3 litres(2)! This isn’t as high as a European normal (941 litres) or a American average  (1801 litres), though sales of soothing drinks continue to increase. 

Acid erosion in children’s teeth

With life outlook increasing, we all need to be safeguarding the teeth for after in life. However, dentists are saying a flourishing series of cases of tooth repairs in younger patients: “Dental erosion isn’t only some-more common – it’s also appearing earlier, and mostly in children,” Professor Colon explains. “Since

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TAKE CARE By Kamran Chowdhury: Start dental caring when kids really young

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Dec 14 2012

Have a child younger than 1? It is critical to take stairs to strengthen your child’s teeth, even during this immature age. What we do for your children per dental hygiene can have a durability impact on their verbal health for a rest of their life.

If your child is older, it is not too late to begin. Take a demeanour during these elementary stairs and assistance get your child off to a good start.

Get checked

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends that infants have their initial verbal analysis as early as 1 year old. The dentist or dental hygienist will perform a visible examination of your child’s gums and teeth, checking for any anomalies and soothing hankie or tough hankie commentary that competence need evident caring or attention.

Checking a teeth can brand if there are problems, such as cavities or tooth decay. Cavities form when food or splash high

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Helping your child grin for life

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Dec 13 2012

Taking good caring of your teeth is one of a best things we can do to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, training children this vicious summary can be utterly a challenge.

Teeth that are uncared for can means pain, missed propagandize and even minister to a growth of vicious illness such as diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems and cancer. More propagandize absences are attributed to dental pain than to asthma. Fortunately, scarcely 100 percent of tooth and dental illness spoil is preventable.

It is vicious that children learn as early as probable a significance of holding caring of their teeth and gums, and demeanour brazen to unchanging visits to a dentist. Baby (or primary) teeth do matter. Some experts suggest that children start visiting a dentist during age of 6 months to a year — so that when it is time for a grave dental check-up, a child will feel some-more gentle and relaxed.

Here are

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‘Grazing’ during holidays might cost we teeth

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Dec 05 2012

With a holiday deteriorate and a many honeyed temptations good underneath way, Napa dentists are propelling caution. They advise that visit snacking is deleterious to teeth, and sweetened treats can be a many damaging.

The visit expenditure of sugar, dentists say, is mostly some-more deleterious than a sugarine itself.

“I tell a kids that I’m not an anti-sugar dentist,” pronounced Nancy Azizi of Vineyard Dental in Napa. “Just eat it all during once. And afterwards immediately brush and floss afterward.”

What creates sugarine deleterious to teeth is that germ in a mouth fast modify it into acid. This poison is what causes cavities to form.

Giving germ in a mouth a consistent food source increases a risk of building cavities, that is because dentists advise opposite “grazing” via a day.

“Unfortunately, it’s mostly a guilty pleasures that are a misfortune offenders,” pronounced Napa dentist Lynda Tran-Clark, of Redwood Dental.

“Liquid” sweets, like soda and juice, and

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Hurricane Sandy Victims Find Holiday Relief from a New York Cosmetic Dentists during Bensonhurst Dental Care

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Dec 03 2012

In an bid to assistance a victims of Hurricane Sandy, the New York Cosmetic Dentists of Bensonhurst Dental Care are formulation and organizing city far-reaching efforts to present food and reserve and to offer purify adult support to assistance those in a tri-state area who will be celebrating a holidays but homes and electricity.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) Nov 30, 2012

The New York cosmetic dentists of Bensonhurst Dental Care are assisting a victims of Hurricane Sandy this holiday deteriorate who are celebrating a arriving holidays but homes and other required vital provisions. Throughout November, Bensonhurst Dental Care has donated to many free organizations in an bid to assistance those in need within a tri-state area who were many affected. As a holidays approach, a dental use is now assisting devise and classify a city far-reaching drive

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Children’s cavities aren’t mom’s error … well, mostly not

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Nov 04 2012

Sarah Smiley

Responses to final week’s mainstay about my youngest son’s china tooth, or “cap,” have been enlightening. I’ve schooled many things:

I shouldn’t be fearful of fluoride.

My kids’ cavities competence be my fault.

Then again, maybe not.

My son drinks too many juice.

And, many importantly, I’m not alone.

There are a lot of china teeth out there, and even some-more fillings. we know given mothers wrote me to say, “Me too” and “I’m blissful I’m not alone,” though also given I’ve seen it for myself this past week. Like a profound lady who unexpected thinks everybody else — from celebrities on magazines to probably each singular chairman she passes during a store — are also pregnant, we have beheld a good many china teeth given my son got his. Everywhere we look: Cavities! Decay! Silver! While

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Mummy detected with swig of cavities

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Oct 12 2012

Around 2,100 years ago, during a time when Egypt was ruled by a dynasty of Greek kings, a immature rich male from Thebes was impending a finish of his life.

Rather than age, he might have succumbed to a sinus infection caused by a swig of cavities and other tooth ailments, according to new investigate on a man’s peculiar dental filling.

Recently published CT scans of his mummified body authorised researchers to refurbish sum of his final days.

The man, whose name is unknown, was in his 20s or early 30s, and his teeth were in terrible shape. He had “numerous” abscesses and cavities, conditions that seem to have resulted, during some point, in a sinus infection, something potentially deadly, a investigate researchers said.

The pain a immature male suffered would have been over difference and gathering him to see a dental specialist. Dentistry was zero new in Egypt, ancient annals prove that

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BLIS Technologies Targets New Probiotic Against Tooth Decay

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Oct 05 2012

BLIS Technologies Targets New Probiotic Against Tooth

BLIS Technologies Ltd (NZX:BLT) announces that it
is introducing a new BLIS probiotic into a New Zealand
retail marketplace called BLIS M18™. This new BLIS probiotic
has been shown in clinical trials to stop bacteria
associated with tooth spoil and has been a large success in
the United States where it was introduced to a marketplace in

BLIS M18™ is a specific aria of S. salivarius;
a class of profitable bacteria, that is found naturally
occurring in a mouth of healthy individuals. In addition
to being partial of a dominant, healthy germ of the
mouth, a BLIS M18™ probiotic aria also secretes
powerful antimicrobial molecules called BLIS:
Bacteriocin-Like-Inhibitory Substances that aim the
bacteria famous to means tooth decay. In serve to killing
these tooth-destroying bacteria, BLIS M18™ has two
additional enzymes, that assistance to serve strengthen a teeth.Article source:

Is Dental Decay Hurting Your Child during School?

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Sep 01 2012

Dentist McKinney TX – The Healthy Teeth and Gums for Life Campaign educates village members and creates a disproportion in a lives of patients in McKinney, Allen, Frisco, Plano, Prosper, and other communities in a North Texas area.

McKinney, Texas (PRWEB) Aug 31, 2012

Children with dental pain or tooth detriment might skip school, loiter behind in debate growth and humour from low self-esteem. As partial of a Healthy Teeth and Gums for Life Campaign, Advant Dental in McKinney Texas is providing intelligent dental caring tips that will make students and relatives smile.

August 8, 2012 – Dr. Mojan Safavi, dentist, McKinney, TX, sees too many children during her family dental practice, Advant Dental, who have modernized cases of dental decay. Although cavities are simply preventable, many of her younger patients are not holding a stairs required to protection verbal health.

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Rotten fitness for sugar-addicted kids

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Aug 22 2012


The honeyed life with reduction sugarine

How too most sugarine ages you

The sugar-free parable

Is a spoonful of sugarine unequivocally that bad?

Diet guru says portly are ‘mentally ill’

Motherhood still a career killer

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