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Plano Restorative Dentistry Practice, Willow Bend Dental, Is Now Offering Implant-Supported Dentures

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Sep 12 2013

Dr. Ritchie Beougher

Missing a tooth or mixed teeth is aesthetically unfortunate and causes pain and annoy to patients. Implant-supported dentures are a good approach to absolved patients of dentures and offer a some-more permanent solution.

Plano, Texas (PRWEB) Sep 12, 2013

Dr. Ritchie Beougher and Dr. Aaron Horsley-Teny, cosmetic and physic dentists during Willow Bend Dental in Plano, Texas, are now charity implant-supported dentures for patients with blank teeth. One in each 10 Americans suffers from blank a singular tooth or mixed teeth.

“Missing a tooth or mixed teeth is aesthetically unfortunate and causes pain and annoy to patients. Implant-supported dentures are a good approach to absolved patients of dentures and

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New Technology from Half Dental Makes for Less Painful Root Canals in St. George

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Sep 08 2013

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) Sep 06, 2013

Half Dental, distinguished family dentists in Utah, are demonstrating to their patients their bargain that removing verbal procedures and treatments might be rarely uncomfortable. Half Dental offers a latest record in sedation and pain service for vital procedures that minister to mouth replacement in St. George. These new techniques revoke or discharge a volume of pain gifted by patients. Resulting in reduction stress and some-more studious satisfaction, continued training and enrichment have proven to be successful for

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A small impediment saves costly dental problems

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Apr 03 2013

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Though many word policies won’t compensate for sealants on primary teeth, it’s good to request them to baby teeth in some situations since a remove of a tooth can impact a fixing of a teeth and could meant costly orthodontic work in a future, Chambers said.

Lost teeth can impact how a child speaks and chews, inspiring a child’s self-confidence, Jackson said. Losing a tooth to spoil can means dental health to collapse, most like holding a section out of a masonry arch, Chambers said.

Dental infections left untreated can means so most spoil that permanent teeth and altogether health can be affected, Chambers and Jackson said. Each year, some of Chambers’ patients go to a sanatorium since of facial infections.

Dentists still use drills — Jackson calls it them “whistling brushes” so as to not scare

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Ask A Dentist: Facts To Sink Your Teeth Into

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Mar 03 2013

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This is SCIENCE FRIDAY. I’m Ira Flatow.

FLORA LICHTMAN, BYLINE: And I’m Flora Lichtman.

FLATOW: We all wish to be next, don’t we, solely in a dentist’s office? The difference next, a dentist will see we now are as acquire a sound as a high-pitched bemoan of a dental drill.


FLATOW: OK, Neal(ph), that’s enough. But have no fear, this hour a dentists have no drills, no needles, no shouting gas, no pain, we promise.

LICHTMAN: Today a Ask an Expert array continues with, we guessed it, ask a dentist. We’re branch a tray list and putting a dentist in a prohibited chair today. You can finally ask those questions that we can’t ask during your checkup since your mouth is differently occupied.

FLATOW: (Unintelligible).

LICHTMAN: Perfect.


FLATOW: we always wish to know

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Odessa Cosmetic Dentist on Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

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Sep 19 2012

ODESSA, TX–(Marketwire – Sep 18, 2012) – According to new statistics collected by a Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS), some-more than 30 percent of Americans equivocate required dental work due to fear or stress of a dentist. Dental fear is mostly a outcome of bad use with dentists in a past or a fear of detriment of control, and has contributed to millions of people carrying unmet dental needs such as tooth spoil or periodontal (gum) disease. However, interjection to new advancements in complicated dentistry, Dr. Robin Rutherford, a dentist in Odessa, says practices now have entrance to a horde of sedation techniques to assistance patients feel some-more gentle during their diagnosis while minimizing anxiety.

At his Odessa dentistry practice, Dr. Rutherford focuses on a far-reaching accumulation of cosmetic and ubiquitous procedures trimming from teeth whitening and dental implants to unchanging hygiene check ups and periodontal

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Dental Fear Mar 2012

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Apr 04 2012

BROWNSVILLE, Texas, Apr 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Are we aroused of a dentist?  If so, we are not alone!  In studies conducted by a American Association of Endodontists, approximately 80 percent of Americans are aroused of a dentist.  And anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of those people are so aroused that they equivocate dental visits altogether. 


Forgoing dental diagnosis means cavities, mislaid teeth, altered appearance, and some-more critical afflictions like resin illness (which is related to heart disease, strokes and diabetes).  With statistics this staggering, Rodeo Dental and Orthodontics prolonged ago famous a need to prioritize alleviating dental fears by a use of sedation dentistry and a comfortable and caring staff. 

Is sedation right for you?  In one study, 90 percent of aroused patients reported some-more comfort and reduction fear with a use of sedation.  Dr. Robin Bethell, a practitioner during a office,

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Northridge Dental Group is Now Offering Sedation Alternatives for Patients With Mild to Severe Anxiety

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Feb 07 2012

NORTHRIDGE, Calif., Feb. 6, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Most patients know a significance of good verbal hygiene, including unchanging trips to a dentist. These appointments, though, are mostly abandoned and one of a categorical reasons could be stress of dental treatment. It seems as if adults and children comparison were innate with healthy sip of stress over even a many simple treatments. This is because Northridge dentist, Dr. Ariz, and Dr. Arami are now charity sedation dentistry techniques to keep teeth healthy and patients happy.

Neglecting to revisit that dentist could lead to some vital problems that no one wants to understanding with. From cavities to resin disease, a odds of building critical health issues increases exponentially for those that do not have unchanging appointments. If a regard over periodontal diagnosis was a reason for avoiding a outing to a dentist, locals can now

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A brush with dentist phobia

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Jun 29 2011

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