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'Frontier dentistry' creation lives whole

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Aug 12 2013

Last August, Jefferson University Hospital surgeons private a Haitian man’s infirm reduce jaw, afterwards reconstructed it regulating bone from his left leg.

The $100,000 value of medical care, donated by Jefferson, released Daniel Smith, 30, from a noncancerous though life-threatening, disfiguring jaw tumor.

The usually downside to his transformation, chronicled in The Inquirer, was a miss of reduce teeth.

His doctors had no approach to resolutely insert typical dentures to his pseudo gums, done of a strap of junction hankie and skin from his leg. He indispensable dental implants – synthetic tooth roots – and state-of-the-art physic dentistry. That would cost during slightest $30,000, an unthinkable sum for Smith, a vocational tyro who lives with his relatives in a tiny Haitian town.

Ultimately, he got new choppers, interjection to another call of munificence from Jefferson, a American families who hosted him, and Center City prosthodontist Louis Marion.

Smith’s happy finale shows

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International caring has child on dual legs again

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Jul 19 2012

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Rahim gives a thumbs-up after receiving a prosthetic leg during Kootenai Prosthetics  Orthotics.
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Solace for the Children

The nonprofit classification has determined organisation caring sites in 4 U.S. communities and is looking for some-more areas peaceful to assistance groups of Afghan children in need. Executive Director Patsy Wilson pronounced she hopes medical professionals and families in a Inland Northwest will step adult to help.

Information: Contact Wilson during (704) 657-2374 or

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