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Athens, GA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Robert Pate Introduces Intraoral Camera Technology

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Jul 31 2013

Dr. Robert Pate DMD Athens Family Dental, Athens GA

Athens Family Dental provides a far-reaching operation of dental services to accommodate their patients’ accumulation of needs.

Athens, GA (PRWEB) Jul 30, 2013

At Athens Family Dental in Athens, Georgia, Dr. Robert Pate has recently introduced a use of intraoral camera as an effective evidence tool. This modernized record allows for improved views of a inside of a patient’s mouth, creation it easier to make diagnoses and therefore yield better, some-more extensive altogether treatment.

Intraoral cameras are not a deputy for X-rays, that yield profitable information indispensable to brand and provide all intensity problems.

However, intraoral cameras can uncover a alloy what’s function inside a patient’s mouth from many opposite angles. Patients are

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Apicoectomy (Endodontic Surgery)

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Dec 21 2012

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Bronx Dentist Now Offering Advanced Microscope to Enhance Patient Results

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Nov 15 2012

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – Nov 15, 2012) – Dr. Victor Oelbaum, a dentist in Bronx, NY, has announced a further of an innovative new dental microscope for improving studious caring and a peculiarity of formula he is means to achieve. Designed to yield heated light and a aloft intensity for magnification, OPMI® pico dental microscope has been implemented during Dr. Oelbaum’s Bronx dentistry use and is prepared to be used during a horde of cosmetic and ubiquitous procedures from fastening to base canals. Dr. Oelbaum says he is vehement about a new record and hopes patients take advantage of a device, as good as other advancements in dental medicine, as a approach to safeguard their treatments are achieved with a pinnacle standards of reserve and precision.

Whether he is behaving dental sealants or porcelain veneers in New York City, Dr. Oelbaum says a OPMI® pico dental

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Health Care: Spend or Save?

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Apr 29 2012

When to spend and when to save on 8 essentials that impact your health each day.


Old-school mercury versions, that are tough to review and can break, have left a approach of a Walkman. An inexpensive digital thermometer (about $6) is a new classical and some-more than adequate for a normal person. Two things to demeanour for: a big, backlit arrangement that’s easy to see in a dim room, and a quick reading time of about 15 seconds, says Caroline Dorsen, a board-certified family helper practitioner in New York City. 

Go for an under-the-tongue variety, as ear (or tympanic) thermometers are reduction reliable. A investigate finished during a Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, found that relatives regulating home tympanic models unsuccessful to detect a heat 25 percent of a time. If we have to check someone’s heat hourly, deposit in a temporal artery (forehead) thermometer. It’s even easier to use but

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Vets Fix Tiny Tooth During Monkey Root Canal

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Nov 02 2011

Squirrel Monkey At SA Zoo Gets Dental Treatment

SAN ANTONIO — Mango a gorilla has been pang from a broken, putrescent tooth, only like humans infrequently get.

“People do it all a time (by) satirical down on tough candy (such as) jaw breakers,” Dr. Rob Coke, staff oldster during a San Antonio Zoo, said.

But regulating Mango’s mouth isn’t as elementary as regulating a human’s, due to his little stature.

“It’s a 2-pound monkey, so we apparently had magnification loops as good as … little instruments to go in there to try to correct that,” Coke said.

Still, he said, a procession is flattering straight-forward.

He drilled out a infirm bone, and filled a cone-shaped hovel with a plastic-like material.

After an hour, Mango’s tooth is still damaged off, though Coke expects a perfect, rapid recovery.

The anesthesia used for a procession left him

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