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Austin Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Says Her Veneers Turned Her Frown Upside Down

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Aug 29 2013

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwired – Aug 29, 2013) – At Austin Dental Spa, cosmetic dentist Mark Sweeney, D.D.S. says patients are means to reinvigorate their smiles by improving a figure and a tone of their teeth with porcelain veneers. Recently, one of Dr. Sweeney’s patients, Angela, sought out porcelain veneers to scold what she termed an “upside-down” smile.

“It looked like my teeth were always frowning,” Angela, says. Prior to a procedure, her teeth were winding and dull during a tip of any tooth. As a result, even yet she confirmed an altogether high self-esteem, Angela did not feel assured in her smile.

During a conference process, Angela voiced her concerns to Dr. Sweeney, who combined a diagnosis devise to residence her singular cosmetic goals. The Austin cosmetic dentist explained to her that he could supplement length to any tooth while concurrently whitening a tone of her teeth. According to Angela,

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Austin Dentistry Practice Discusses Innovative Pain-Free Dental Laser

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Sep 13 2012

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwire – Sep 13, 2012) – According to new statistics from a National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), approximately 5% of Americans between a ages 20 and 64 have some form of periodontal disease. However, over a age of 65, a series jumps to 18% of adults, with 92% of this subsection carrying gifted dental caries (tooth decay) in their permanent teeth. Dr. Mark Sweeney, a dentist in Austin, says charity a comfortable, effective hygiene diagnosis for his patients is essential for ensuring they have healthy teeth their whole lives. Thanks to an innovative dental laser, Dr. Sweeney says he has been means to provide patients for a past 6 years with painless hankie repair, as good as resin recontouring and other procedures for cosmetic dentistry in Austin.

At his practice, a Austin Dental Spa, Dr. Sweeney focuses on a far-reaching accumulation of general

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Conservative Smile Makeovers during Austin Dentistry Practice

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Aug 09 2012

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwire -08/08/12)-
Dr. Mark Sweeney, a dentist in Austin, says he has beheld a new trend over a past few years among patients during his use who are opting to make pointed changes to their grin in sequence to urge certain aspects of their dental structure while highlighting their possess healthy beauty. Dr. Sweeney says some-more importance is now being placed on a aesthetics of a person’s smile, with a American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) confirming his observations in a new news that shows 99.7 percent of all Americans trust a grin is an critical amicable asset. However, the Austin dentist says he recommends several stairs to patients who are looking for a regressive grin makeover so as to safeguard they accept a best formula probable with small or no tooth structure private and a healthy looking smile.

At his Austin dentistry practice, the

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Austin Cosmetic Dentist Now Offering Innovative Ultrasonic Dental Filling

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Feb 22 2012

Dr. Mark Sweeney and his Austin cosmetic dentistry use have announced they will be charity a latest tooth stuffing record from Kerr®, Sybron Dental Specialties, called a SonicFill. A bulk fill composite, Dr. Sweeney says a new stuffing element is ultrasonically vibrated into a tooth and can offer measureless advantages to patients including minimal to no post-op attraction during dental fillings in Austin.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) Feb 22, 2012

An innovative ultrasonic dental filling from Kerr® dental products, a auxiliary association of Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc., famous as SonicFill is now accessible during Austin dentist Dr. Mark Sweeney’s practice. Utilizing ultrasonic vibrations to request bulk dental combination stuffing to posterior restorations, Dr. Sweeney has announced he will be charity a SonicFill to patients during his practice, a Austin Dental Spa (ADS), in a hopes of further

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Austin Cosmetic Dentist Introduces Painless Dental Anesthesia to Practice

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Jan 26 2012

Dr. Mark Sweeney, a cosmetic dentist in Austin, is now charity a CompuMed® instrument for administering pain-free anesthesia to dull particular teeth and emanate a some-more gentle knowledge for patients. Also famous as The Wand, Dr. Sweeney says a CompuMed® technology can assistance patients who are distressed about dentistry relax by protected and effective treatment.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) Jan 25, 2012

Austin dentist Dr. Mark Sweeney has announced that he will be charity a latest dental creation in a administration of anesthesia, a CompuMed® instrument, or The Wand. At his practice, Dr. Sweeney focuses on procedures trimming from ubiquitous dentistry and slight cleanings to cosmetic teeth whitening procedures and porcelain veneers. He says that a introduction of a CompuMed® record will concede him to raise a turn of studious comfort accessible during his use for those who humour from

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Austin Dentist Dr. Mark Sweeney Expands Austin Dental Spa Team

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Jul 19 2011

Austin Dentist Dr. Mark Sweeney is announcing a new enlargement of his Austin Dental Spa team, as he welcomes Dr. Craig Braun to a practice. Dr. Sweeney says he expects Dr. Braun will be a good fit since they both trust a value of protected and effective care, and a need for preparation and bargain as patients cruise procedures trimming from slight cleanings to porcelain veneers.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) Jul 19, 2011

Austin Dental Spa is welcoming a new dentist into a practice. Austin cosmetic dentist Dr. Mark Sweeney says he believes Dr. Craig Braun is a good fit for his use since he places a extensive volume of value in a peculiarity of studious care. Dr. Braun also supports a practice’s joining to studious education, regardless of either he is behaving a slight cleaning or a some-more extensive procession such as a

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