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AIDS CARE Hampshire County binds annual fundraiser

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Nov 06 2012


Folks with a honeyed tooth had the possibility to lift income in a quarrel opposite HIV and AIDS on Sunday afternoon.

The Clarion Hotel was a site of AIDS CARE Hampshire County’s 19th annual Chocolate Buffet and Silent Auction.

Not usually was a ballroom filled with equipment for guest to bid on, though there was chocolate, and lots of it.

Restaurants and bakeries donated all sorts of treats to eat.

Organizers told CBS 3 that a income lifted from Sunday’s event will stay tighten to home.

AIDS CARE Hampshire County provides extensive support for people vital with HIV and AIDS in Hampshire County and a surrounding areas.

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Root Canal For Tiger’s Toothache

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Sep 28 2012

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A organisation of doctors got to a base of a problem to assistance a tiger during Zoo Miami revive his roar.

“Hati,” an involved Malayan tiger, had a toothache that would make even a kindest tiger upset. The Malayan tiger is personal as endangered, they can usually be found on a Malay Peninsula and there is estimated to be about 1,000 of them left.

Hati was innate during a Fort Worth Zoo and arrived during Zoo Miami in Nov of 2004 as partial of a designed serf tact program.

Now, 10 years later, Hati has perceived a tip of a line base waterway on his reduce right dog tooth after zookeepers beheld that he had fractured it in an different manner.

Carnivores, like Hati, mostly detonate their teeth in a midst of a wild, that could lead up

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More patients with slight dental problems spin to sanatorium puncture rooms

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Mar 31 2012

(MCT) — Meredith Postlewaite’s mouth throbbed constantly, though self-employed and though dental insurance, she had few options.

“I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat. … we was vital on Tylenol and Advil,” pronounced a 27-year-old landscaper.

But there were times a Markham lady surrendered to a pain, seeking service during a closest puncture room, during Oak Forest Hospital. “I’d get a prescription, though as shortly as a meds wore off, I’d be right behind where we started.”

Since a mercantile downturn, patients such as Postlewaite have had small reason to smile. Some 130 million Americans have no dental insurance, and along with stretched finances, there’s not most left over for oral care, contend advocates.

Moreover, with fewer dentists peaceful to provide Medicaid patients, including usually 10 percent of dentists in Illinois, people are

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