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Lubbock Cosmetic Dentist Jason P. White Now Offering Sheer White and Realine

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Feb 05 2014

Lubbock, TX (PRWEB) Feb 03, 2014

Lubbock cosmetic dentist Jason P. White has announced that his use now offers Sheer White!® teeth whitening strips and Realine transparent orthodontic aligners. These dual products paint a initial new offerings of 2014 for a renouned dental practice.

In Sheer White!®, Dr. White is assured that he has found a professional-grade whitening frame estimable of station alongside a Zoom!® System in his preference of teeth whitening options.

“They are like Crest® Whitening Strips, though better!” Dr. White says. “They are some-more absolute in fighting stains though gentler on a teeth and gums. we was acid for a product that would give my patients a quick, easy take-home whitening knowledge that unequivocally works, and Sheer White!® fits a check perfectly.”

Sheer White!® strips are graphic from opposition strips in that their use

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Encino Family Dental Announces Invisalign® Consultation and Reduced Pricing for Full and Customized Invisalign® …

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Sep 17 2013

Invisalign® is an choice to steel braces regulating a custom-made array of cosmetic trays or “aligners.”

Encino, CA (PRWEB) Sep 16, 2013

With a cost of medical in a U.S. constantly rising, it’s some-more critical than ever for Americans to know that verbal health is a essential aspect of progressing ubiquitous health. Swollen and red gums can mostly be a outcome of carrying teeth that are swarming or too widely spaced. When teeth are scrupulously aligned, it helps gums fit some-more firmly around a teeth, permitting for a stronger healthy invulnerability opposite intensity periodontal problems.

“Teeth and gums contend a lot about a person,” pronounced Marian Yassa, DDS, owners of Encino Dental Care. “If both are taken good

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Brooklyn Park Dentist Now Offering Invisalign as Alternative to Metal Braces

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Sep 09 2013

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn., Sept. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WeCare Dental is educating patients about a opposite orthodontic options accessible for teeth straightening and punch correction. While braces are a many common and renouned choice for editing orthodontic problems, a dental use offers a accumulation of options in further to normal steel braces. These choice options embody transparent cosmetic braces and Invisalign, that is renouned with adult patients who need assuage teeth straightening. According to a dental team, adult patients who need braces might be means to use Invisalign instead, for reduction celebrated though equally effective straightening.

Adult dental patients in need of orthodontics to scold improperly aligned teeth can now select a non-metal braces choice during WeCare Dental. In further to normal metal braces, a use offers cosmetic braces and a transparent aligner complement famous as Invisalign.

“WeCare Dental offers a accumulation of orthodontics procedures to help

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Pomona, NY Teeth Straightening is Now Possible Using Six Month Smiles with Dr. Robert Tracey of General & Laser …

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Aug 24 2013

Dr. Robert Tracey brings Six-Month-Smiles to Pomona, NY.

Pomona, NY (PRWEB) Aug 23, 2013

Pomona, NY dentist Dr. Robert Tracey is gratified to supplement Six Month Smiles to a orthodontics services during General Laser Assisted Dentistry (GLAD). Six Month Smiles employs transparent brackets and skinny wires to assist patients’ teeth straightening formula but regulating complicated avocation orthodontics treatments that can take dual to 3 years to complete.

Six Month Smiles and normal braces differ essentially in their finish objectives. Unlike normal braces, Six Month Smiles does not try to repair a patient’s bite. Instead, this new orthodontics diagnosis focuses only on improving a coming of a manifest teeth unprotected when a studious smiles. Both treatments occupy a identical process to grasp teeth straightening, regulating a array of brackets and wires that are gradually tightened as the

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Local Cedar Park Family Dentist Launches New Website to Educate a Community on Alternatives to Adult Braces

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Aug 14 2013

Cedar Park dentist, Dr. John Gallop, is providing applicable information on his new website that educates adults on a alternatives to normal steel braces.

Many adults are disturbed about a impact of steel brackets and wires on their smile, though a good news is that there are many alternatives to normal braces.

Cedar Park, Texas (PRWEB) Aug 13, 2013

Cedar Park family and cosmetic dentist, John Gallop, DDS, of Gallop Family Dentistry has announced a launch of a new, patient-focused website. The use recently launched a new website combined by dental website design leader, ProSites, Inc. The website contains many interactive facilities including dental preparation videos that assistance patients make improved sensitive decisions about their verbal health. One of

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Scottsdale Dentist Offers Patients an Alternative to Traditional Orthodontics

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Jun 28 2013

SCOTTSDALE, AZ–(Marketwired – Jun 27, 2013) – Scottsdale dentist Dr. Todd Mabry prides himself on regulating a patient-focused practice. Invisalign®, an innovative complement of transparent teeth aligners, helps patients grasp straighter teeth but a annoy and self-consciousness many people knowledge with normal steel braces.

According to Dr. Mabry, Invisalign® treatments are dissimilar and do not means a hassles compared with normal orthodontics. By regulating a complement of probably invisible aligners, Invisalign® gradually corrects curved and misaligned teeth.

“Some people do not comprehend what they are doing with their teeth,” says Dr. Mabry. “When patients have been vital with curved teeth their whole life, they are mostly unknowingly of a disastrous effects that misalignment might be causing.”

If patients punch heavily on certain teeth, those teeth accept an aberrant volume of wear, that afterwards causes them to turn shorter over time. Dr. Mabry records that oftentimes these people do not comprehend their

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North Hollywood Dentist, Dr. Ghasri, is Offering Free In-Office Teeth Whitening

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May 08 2013

North Hollywood, CA, May 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A broad, genuine grin reveals a chairman who is open and willing
to consort with others, according to some studies. In fact,
research shows that those who grin frequently might be healthier and
enjoy some-more success in their work life, amicable life and home life.
Those who humour from stained, yellow, discolored or grubby smiles
may not be reaping all a advantages of a broad, healthy smile,
however. Dr. Ghasri, North Hollywood dentist, is
offering giveaway in-office teeth whitening treatments.

In-office Zoom whitening can discharge stains from a most
common culprits, including smoking, wine, coffee, tea, berries,
energy drinks, soothing drinks, some drugs and age. A powerful,
prescription-strength whitening resolution is embellished directly on
teeth after a gums and soothing tissues have been protected. The
solution is activated by a special light, that heightens its
effectiveness and speeds

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Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Parsa Zadeh, Offers Free Consultation for Invisalign Aligners

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Feb 07 2013

Beverly Hills, CA, Feb. 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dr. Parsa Zadeh, cosmetic dentist in Beverly
, is now charity a nominal conference for
patients deliberation straightening their teeth with Invisalign
aligners. These aligners are durable cosmetic trays that gradually
shift a teeth into their correct position. For many people, they
are a acquire choice to normal steel braces.

The aligners offer several graphic improvements on steel braces.
Because they do not use wires or brackets, there is no metallic
look to a patient’s smile. Most people will not notice that the
patient is wearing a aligners. In addition, they can be removed
for eating. This allows patients to continue to suffer their
favorite foods, including dishes that are formidable to eat with
traditional braces, such as corn on a cob. Their removable nature
also allows patients to brush and floss their teeth more
effectively, shortening their chances of

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Fatemi Family Dentistry Announces New In House Dental Plan to Gaithersburg Maryland Residents

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Jan 25 2013

A new in residence dental plan will now be accessible during Fatemi Family Dentistry. This allows patients with no word to grasp affordable dental treatment avoiding upfront costs.

Gaithersburg MD (PRWEB) Jan 24, 2013

Dr. Fatemi is famous via Gaithersburg and Lexington Park Maryland as one of a many caring family dentist utilizing a latest in dental materials and procedures. Dr. Fatemi has always focused on his patients comfort and now is assisting patients equivocate upfront costs with their new in residence dental plan. As of Jan 2013 patients who are seeking a Gaithersburg Dentist will accept dental care while avoiding profitable out of slot expenses. Dr. Fatemi‘s dental plan allows patients but dental insurance to accept a dental treatment indispensable with available affordable payments. To learn some-more visit

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Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Focuses on Dental Health Over Appearance

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Jan 17 2013

BEVERLY HILLS, CA–(Marketwire – Jan 16, 2013) – Dr. Kevin Sands, a Beverly Hills dentist, knows a impact that a pleasing grin can have on one’s appearance. However, he also believes that when it comes to patients’ teeth, coming should not be a usually regard patients have. Dr. Sands says in further to cosmetic benefits, there are poignant health advantages compared with true teeth.

When Dr. Sands consults with patients, he says their altogether health is a many critical cause when deliberation any cosmetic procedure. His patients contingency have healthy teeth and gums as good as a entirely functional, well-fitting punch before Dr. Sands addresses his patients’ cultured goals. He also highlights that a healthy mouth is a initial step toward a pleasing smile.

The health advantages of true teeth include: