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Many in Appalachia humour dental woes that start early and final a lifetime

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Dec 30 2012


Misti Crane

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Abington MA Patients Can Avoid Gum Disease Through Preventive Dentistry With Dr. E. Michael Thomas Offering Hygiene …

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Nov 01 2012

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Root Canal For Tiger’s Toothache

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Sep 28 2012

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A organisation of doctors got to a base of a problem to assistance a tiger during Zoo Miami revive his roar.

“Hati,” an involved Malayan tiger, had a toothache that would make even a kindest tiger upset. The Malayan tiger is personal as endangered, they can usually be found on a Malay Peninsula and there is estimated to be about 1,000 of them left.

Hati was innate during a Fort Worth Zoo and arrived during Zoo Miami in Nov of 2004 as partial of a designed serf tact program.

Now, 10 years later, Hati has perceived a tip of a line base waterway on his reduce right dog tooth after zookeepers beheld that he had fractured it in an different manner.

Carnivores, like Hati, mostly detonate their teeth in a midst of a wild, that could lead up

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Staten Island lab pioneers in digital dentistry

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Apr 29 2012

Staten Studios

STATEN ISLAND, NY — An innovative high-tech lab whose idea is “manufacturing pleasing smiles” has put Staten Island on a slicing corner in a margin of digital dentistry.

 Staten Studio, that has only changed into a complicated ground-floor bureau during Corporate Commons in Bloomfield, uses computers to make custom-fitted teeth.

“It’s so elementary and so accurate,” pronounced owners Keith Pillarella about a new digital scanning technique. It allows dentists to do divided with a need for required mouth impressions combined from disorderly molds.

The record that Staten Studio is pioneering on Staten Island is formed on a placement to dentists of a iTero scanner, a appurtenance that uses an intra-oral wand to obtain digital images of a patient’s teeth.

Speaking about a process, Jerry Zagury, a lab’s conduct of digital dentistry, said: “There are 560 dentists on Staten Island

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Healthy Smile Equals Healthy Heart?

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Nov 14 2011

A multi-year study, presented during a American Heart Association systematic assembly in Orlando, claims that people who underwent regular, veteran tooth cleaning enjoyed reduced bacterial expansion that can lead to heart disease, reports Reuters’ Bill Berkrot.

Taiwan researchers showed a 24 percent reduce risk of heart conflict and 13 percent reduce risk of cadence in some-more than 100,000 patients, compared to those who never had a dental cleaning. None of a investigate subjects had a story of before heart conflict or stroke, though a research did not adjust for risk factors such as smoking or obesity.

“Protection from heart illness and cadence was some-more conspicuous in participants who got tooth scaling during slightest once a year,” pronounced Dr. Zu-Yin Chen, a cardiology associate during Veterans General Hospital in Taipei.

Scientists deliberate tooth scaling visit if it occurred during slightest twice or some-more in dual years; occasional tooth scaling was once or reduction in

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Periodontal branch dungeon transplantation shows promise

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Apr 12 2011

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Public recover date: 11-Apr-2011


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Contact: David Eve
Cell Transplantation Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair

Tampa, Fla. (April 11, 2011) Periodontal vinculum branch cells (PDLSCs) have been found to be a many influential of 3 kinds of clinically tested dental tissue-derived branch cells, reports a investigate published in a stream emanate of Cell Transplantation (20:2), openly accessible on-line during

According to researchers in Seoul, South Korea, transplantation of PDLSCs into beagle dogs modeled with modernized periodontal (gum) illness that influenced their premolars and molars, that are morphologically identical to a analogous areas in tellurian dentition, was many effective. PDLSCs showed a best regenerating ability of a periodontal

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