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Personal finance: Here’s a cavalcade on dental discounts

Teeth And Dentistry | Posted by admin
Jul 10 2011

Here’s something to penetrate your teeth into: ignored rates for dental work.

That’s a guarantee of, a new Santa Monica-based online association that offers discounts of adult to 60 percent off all from base canals to teeth whitening. Even your kid’s braces.

Launched in May, it’s directed during giving consumers some-more prepared choices when selecting – and profitable for – dental care.

Jake Winebaum, a Southern California Web businessman who founded, pronounced a judgment was desirous by a family cooking where his father-in-law mentioned he’d been to a dentist and was told he indispensable 3 tooth implants – during a cost of $6,800.

“He asked me ‘Is that a good price?’ we had positively no grasp of what dental costs were,” recalls Winebaum, whose dental coverage was always supposing by an employer. “I started researching.”

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