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Program helps relatives boost family health

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Dec 05 2012

Tooth-brushing will turn some-more low-pitched for a preschool-age sons of Erica Curry and Sidney Starks after a integrate attended a Head Start-sponsored “Healthy Smiles” health education eventuality final night.

Curry, 24, and Starks, 26, of Columbia were among a 200 people during Stoney Creek Inn who donned sombreros or shook maracas in a “Feliz Navidad”-themed eventuality that focused on verbal health. One activity was training a strain called “Brush My Teeth” to a balance of “Jingle Bells,” that Curry pronounced will come in accessible for training her boys good dental habits.

She didn’t mind carrying a bit of fun herself. “They make it a fun sourroundings so we don’t feel like any doubt is silly,” Curry said.

Central Missouri Community Action’s “I Can” health education module aims to learn Head Start relatives how to be their child’s initial line of health invulnerability and bond with resources to caring for common childhood ailments at

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Flying ‘tooth ferries’ to offer farming folk’s dental needs

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Jun 21 2011

KOTA KINABALU: Rural folk in Sabah carrying dental problems can design to be attended to by their possess “tooth ferries” 4 helicopters used to move dental caring to a villagers.

The state Health Department launched a country’s initial drifting dental group yesterday, to element a existent drifting doctors service.

Its director Dr Mohd Yusof Ibrahim pronounced a drifting dental use would primarily offer 14 remote settlements along a state’s west coast. “The teams, comprising a dentist and dual nurses, will fly to a villages along with a medical teams.

All set: Dr Yusof (left) being briefed by a Sabah Health Department central after a rising of a Flying Dental Service in Kota Kinabalu. Monday.

“They will be means to yield elementary dental services such as tooth extractions, fillings and elementary screenings for verbal cancer, that is utterly prevalent among farming communities due

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‘American Idol’ culmination recap: we wish you’re happy, America

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May 26 2011

Dearest readers,

Normally we demeanour brazen to this day some-more than we demeanour brazen to my birthday, though this year it feels some-more like I’m scheming for a base canal. Scotty “Big Balls” McCreery and Lauren “Miss Peach Fuzz” Alaina are both … we can’t move myself to contend it … nation singers. The usually thing I’m looking brazen to tonight is to see if Lauren’s outspoken chords, that physically popped an hour before going on stage, unexpected detonate out of her flattering lil’ head. The group alloy pronounced they gave her a garland of medicine, etc. Getting a Cortisone shot to a neck does not sound fun.

Scotty’s initial choice was his favorite of a season: “Gone” by some nation singer. The ladies went ape shit. For a initial time in “AI” history, I’m ashamed of myself right now for watching

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