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Lubbock Cosmetic Dentist Jason P. White Now Offering Sheer White and Realine

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Feb 05 2014

Lubbock, TX (PRWEB) Feb 03, 2014

Lubbock cosmetic dentist Jason P. White has announced that his use now offers Sheer White!® teeth whitening strips and Realine transparent orthodontic aligners. These dual products paint a initial new offerings of 2014 for a renouned dental practice.

In Sheer White!®, Dr. White is assured that he has found a professional-grade whitening frame estimable of station alongside a Zoom!® System in his preference of teeth whitening options.

“They are like Crest® Whitening Strips, though better!” Dr. White says. “They are some-more absolute in fighting stains though gentler on a teeth and gums. we was acid for a product that would give my patients a quick, easy take-home whitening knowledge that unequivocally works, and Sheer White!® fits a check perfectly.”

Sheer White!® strips are graphic from opposition strips in that their use

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University dental device wins medical creation award

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Jul 01 2011

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Public recover date: 30-Jun-2011


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Contact: Sarah Stamper
University of Liverpool

A group of scientists from a University of Liverpool has won an endowment for building a device that can brand early tooth spoil and board before it is manifest to a tellurian eye.

The innovation, iDENTifi, comprises a clinical digital camera that incorporates Qualitative Light Induced Fluorescence (QLF) record to take images of a mouth regulating blue light and special filters that can uncover adult cavities and plaque. The images can afterwards be eliminated regulating wireless record to a computer, laptop, ipad or intelligent phone for evident comment and analysis by a dental caring professional.

The apparatus shows adult early

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NHS denistry: what it costs and covers

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May 07 2011

What dentistry we get for your income on a NHS?



Procedures lonesome



•clinical examination, box comment and news

•orthodontic box comment and news

•advice, dental charting, diagnosis and diagnosis formulation

•radiographic examination, including panoral and parallel headplates, and
radiological news

•study casts including in organisation with occlusal research

•colour photographs

•instruction in a impediment of dental and verbal illness including dietary
recommendation and dental hygiene instruction

•surface focus as primary surety measures of sealants and topical
fluoride preparations

•scaling, polishing and extrinsic improvement of fillings

•taking element for pathological hearing

•adjustments to and easing of dentures or orthodontic appliances

•treatment of supportive cementum



•non-surgical periodontal diagnosis including root-planing, low scaling,

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