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Calm child's dental fears

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Feb 24 2014

You were substantially shocked of going to a dentist as a kid, though with unchanging verbal hygiene, unchanging dental visits and a new record now available, your kids don’t have to be.

Even so, some kids are still concerned about dentist appointments. Usually it’s since they don’t know what to expect, though one of a many common reasons indeed has to do with you.

In fact, a investigate published in the International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry found that if one family member was concerned about dental visits, that fear was oftentimes upheld onto other members.

What’s more, children took cues from their dads when determining if a dentist was something to fear.

“Sometimes relatives plan their possess feelings about going to a dentist onto their children,” Dr. Steven G. Goldberg, contriver of a DentalVibe Injection Comfort System said.

The good news is that if your children are frightened of a dentist, there are ways to

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Parents urged to watch for bleached teeth

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Aug 24 2013

HERE’S something for relatives to worry about – bleached teeth.

It’s a condition that affects one in 6 Australian children and leads to vital dental problems. No volume of brushing, flossing or fluoride can forestall it.

The many common symptoms are creamy-brown or really white spots on a child’s teeth.

Dentists are disturbed they are a usually people who know about it and wish relatives and GPs to be alert, quite around a age of 6 when adult molars come through.

There’s no cure, though early showing and diagnosis can assistance save a teeth, says a D3 Group, an Australian and New Zealand network clinging to researching developmental dental defects.

“If we locate it early there is a possibility we can save a teeth,” says Dr Loch Ramalingam, a paediatric sanatorium dentist.

“Chalky teeth are teeth that have not developed

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Children's verbal health dire issue

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Jul 18 2012

University of Otago highbrow of paediatric dentistry Bernadette Drummond delivers her initial professorial harangue yesterday. Photos by Linda Robertson.

New Zealand children are “missing out on a peculiarity of
dentistry they deserve” and some-more needs to be invested in
children’s verbal health, University of Otago highbrow of
paediatric dentistry Bernadette Drummond says.

Delivering her initial professorial harangue “In and Out of
a Mouths of Babes” during a university final night, Prof
Drummond pronounced some-more indispensable to be done

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Making Halloween reduction frightful for teeth

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Oct 30 2011


Halloween pumpkin

LOLLY FEST? Dietitians and dentists contend we don’t need to secrete lollies totally to make Halloween healthier for children.

Offer apples to trick-or-treaters and risk carrying your residence get egged — maybe even by your possess kids.

But dentists and dietitians contend we can still make Halloween pretty healthy for small devils and witches but resorting to dracul-onian tactics, like no candy.

”This is such a large journey for them — let them have it, apparently with some caveats,” pronounced Dr Rhea Haugseth, a dentist in Marietta, Georgia, who’s boss of a American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry


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