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Cosmetic Dentistry in Akron and Uniontown Brings Dental Patients Brighter Smiles

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Sep 03 2012

AKRON, Ohio, Sept. 2, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Peak Dental Arts announced that a Akron and Uniontown dentistry use is charity cosmetic dental caring services to urge patients’ smiles. According to dentist Dr. Craig C. Lanik, in-office services, such as teeth whitening, can broach higher formula to over-the-counter treatments. Professional teeth whitening is stronger than at-home splotch kits, delivering a brighter grin by stealing wine, coffee and tobacco stains. In further to veteran teeth whitening, Dr. Lanik also provides tooth-colored filings, veneers, implants, crowns and caps, and dental bridges.

Akron and Uniontown dental patients can accept their slight dental cleaning while also removing their teeth whitened or capped. In further to ubiquitous family dentistry, dentist Craig C. Lanik offers extensive cosmetic dentistry services during his practice, Peak Dental Arts.

“Over time, it’s healthy for the teeth to turn stained or dull,” pronounced Dr. Lanik. “A chipped, burst or stained

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Akron and Uniontown Dentist Improves Dental Care With Digital Radiography

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Jun 03 2012

UNIONTOWN, Ohio, Jun 3, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Peak Dental Arts announced that a use has combined digital radiographs to a Uniontown and Akron, OH offices. This record ascent is partial of a dental practice’s joining to higher patron service. According to dentist Dr. Craig C. Lanik, digital radiography is one of a biggest technological advancements in medical imaging over a final decade. Dr. Lanik can weigh a digital X-ray images immediately; there is no estimate time. As partial of a practice’s joining to modernized technology, Dr. Lanik also provides Cerec dentistry, that allows for a origination of dental replacement in a singular visit.

Dental patients visiting Peak Dental Arts for physic and cosmetic dentistry will now accept X-rays regulating a practice’s new digital radiography. In place of normal X-ray film, digital radiography uses a digital sensor to constraint images of a teeth.

“The reserve and preference of our

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Visiting dental hospital assists Coast Range patients

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May 17 2012

It was Christmas in May for utterly a few of a farming neighbors final week when a large white dental outpost pulled adult in front of a Summit Grange Hall. Instead of Santa and his elves, 3 proffer dentists, their assistants and dual dental hygienists showed adult to offer their services to clients of a Coast Range Food Bank.

From 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, May 4, these dental experts worked tirelessly on a mouths of 26 propitious people. They achieved procedures such as teeth cleaning, descent and stuffing of cavities. None of these people could have afforded to see a dentist, though many of them desperately indispensable dental care.

One beholden customer reported that he had not seen a dentist for during slightest 28 years. The deferential courtesy of a volunteers was a genuine present to him. Another customer was carrying several teeth extracted — something he had not

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Without dental coverage, patients find pain service in ER

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Jan 29 2012

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After days of pang from a pulsation toothache and carrying no income to compensate for a revisit to a dentist, Rhonda Dyson recently sought diagnosis in a puncture room of a Shreveport hospital.

“I can’t get any relief,” pronounced Dyson, who is on Medicare. The 46-year-old Shreveport proprietor is homeless and infirm from a Jul 2007 heart attack. “Medicare will usually compensate for dentures; they will not compensate for any dental work.”

As a result, many Medicaid and Medicare recipients — who don’t have a income to compensate for an descent — face a extensive watchful duration for a low-cost dental hospital appointment or are fearful to go to a dentist, lapse to a ER dual or some-more times per dental problem to conduct symptoms, according to a ADA. And nonetheless a Affordable Care Act addressed dental caring for children

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The Tooth

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Apr 29 2011

James Altucher

(the “tooth”)


“The Tooth” was given to me as a present by Janice Kim, a usually womanlike American veteran Go actor (and now a veteran poker player), in 1999 and we soon put it adult on a wall subsequent to my computer. we adore this photo.

I’ve mislaid a lot of income in front of this photo. I’ve mislaid a

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