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Mammoth students get large smiles out if visiting dental program

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Mar 31 2012

Mar 30, 2012



Eleven-year-old Mammoth Elementary School tyro Giovanni Cruz was all smiles, even yet he was sitting in a dentist’s chair removing his teeth examined.


He couldn’t talk, though he smiled with that wide-open grin all dental patients learn to perfect, blue bib parsimonious opposite his chest, protecting cosmetic goggles covering his brownish-red eyes. The room was full of other students like him, disposed on their dental chairs. Others filed sensitively in, watchful their turn.


Cruz’s dental provider, Minakshi Gupta, a UCLA dental tyro on her open mangle (along with 14 other students), probed kindly during his teeth looking for cavities or other problems. If she finds any, she writes them down in a news that will go to

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