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Before and After Photos Show Improved Smiles

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Sep 05 2013


Miami, FL (PRWEB) Sep 04, 2013

When someone has lived with bad teeth for a prolonged time, they competence find it tough to suppose what their mouth would demeanour like after dental work has been done. They might have been given recommendation about what form of dental work they need, though can’t design what a effects would be. This is where “before and after” photos can be so useful. By looking during examples of how teeth demeanour before dental work, and afterwards comparing these with a photos of a teeth after dental work has been done, a intensity studious can get an thought of a improvements that can be made. They can see how a grin can be probably remade as a outcome of carrying several dental procedures carried out. Every studious is going to be different. Some will

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What Does a Tooth Fairy Do with All Those Teeth?

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Feb 12 2013

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Smithsonian Video Provides Answers during Pediatric Dental Health Month

Special Partnership with American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

WASHINGTON, Feb. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History unveils a YouTube video currently that finally answers a age-old question, “What does a tooth angel do with all of those teeth?” The Tooth Fairy File is a “mockumentary” directed during relatives and caregivers of immature children to explain to believers what indeed happens to all a teeth. Through a video, during, and concomitant blog posts and ancestral information, a museum seeks to

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Calling on Cupid: Men More Likely to Fear Being Single on Valentine's Day Finds Harris Poll

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Feb 11 2013

NEW YORK, Feb. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Magazines, TV shows and cinema would have us trust that women’s feelings about Valentine’s Day are tied to their Facebook attribute status, and that those who are disconnected arrange a date with Ben Jerry to bewail being singular on Feb 14th. However, according to Harris Poll commentary from an online consult of 2,278 U.S. adults between Jan 17 and 22, 2013, conducted by Harris Interactive, a tables might have turned. One in 4 (24%) group contend they would rather have a base waterway than be singular on Valentine’s Day, compared with usually 16% of women.


Young Love  

Age also played a purpose in how expected people were to contend that they’d rather continue a small pain than a awaiting of a Valentine’s spent solo. 27% of U.S. adults ages 18-35 pronounced they’d select a base canal, compared with

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Shakira Keeps Chip-per After Tooth Mishap, Closes Down Filming On The Voice!

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Oct 26 2012

By Radar Staff

She can sing, dance and she knows how to equivocate creation a towering out of a “molar”-hill. That’s what a source is exclusively revelation about Shakira – one of a dual new luminary coaches on The Voice.

The Hips Don’t Lie luminary totally tighten down filming of the singing competition Monday after she chipped her tooth!

PHOTOS: Christina Aguilera Struts Her Stuff In A Tight Corset

But a uncover insider says a 35-year-old refused to act like a diva and indeed wanted to lift on filming notwithstanding a injury!

The source says: “Shakira chipped her tooth, and prolongation had to be totally tighten down for a day.

PHOTOS: Christina Aguilera And Son Wear Matching Hats

“They weren’t even tighten to finishing filming during that point, though all got

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What Was Wrong With Susan Boyle On Dancing With The Stars?

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Oct 17 2012

By Radar Staff

Susan Boyle looked like she’d rather be carrying a base waterway than behaving on Dancing with a Stars Tuesday night, and has a perplexing, petrified video.

With a distressed countenance on her face, Boyle — who shot to overnight stardom on a UK chronicle of The X Factor in 2009 — was assimilated by  DWTS’ deteriorate 9 champ Donny Osmond to sing a delivery of Frank Wildhorn and Leslie Bricusse‘s This Is a Moment, that will be featured on Boyle’s arriving manuscript Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From a Stage.

From a get-go, a 51-year-old Scottish songbird looked uncomfortable  — to contend a least.

Watch a video on

Osmond  — ever a pro and apparently intuiting Boyle’s theatre trepidation — hold her palm as she sang to assistance ease her nerves.

As a dual performed, they were accompanied by dancers Kym Johnson, Tristan

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DenTek Tooth Fairies Kick off National College Tour during UT-Knoxville with Today Show’s Kathie Lee and Hoda

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Oct 02 2012


DenTek Oral Care kicked off a National Tooth Fairy College Tour Monday
alongside NBC’s Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda during a University of

Following an onstage Today Show appearance, a DenTek Tooth Fairies
swept by a UT campus, armed with DenTek floss-pick give-aways and
a amicable media push, enlivening students to go over brushing for
healthy verbal care.

The DenTek Tooth Fairies will continue visiting campuses throughout
Oct from New York to California, flitting out giveaway floss collect samples

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PHOTOS: Tiger gets base canal

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Sep 28 2012

Hati, an involved Malayan tiger during Zoo Miami, receives a base canal.

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Topspin LBO and AUA Private Equity Invest in Brighter Dental Care

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May 12 2012

ROSLYN HEIGHTS, NY–(Marketwire -05/11/12)-
Topspin LBO and AUA Private Equity announced that they have invested in Brighter Dental Care (“BDC” or a “Company”), a heading informal dental use government association that operates and manages 7 dependent dental practices in New Jersey. Topspin LBO led a investment in BDC.

BDC’s dependent dental practices yield comprehensive, multi-specialty dental caring from slight dental visits to a many difficult of dental procedures, including orthodontic, periodontic, endodontic and verbal medicine procedures.

Topspin and AUA partnered with a existent owner-operators of a Company, brothers Scott and Todd Singer, who will continue to conduct a Company going forward. Mr. Scott Singer will run all non-clinical aspects of a business in his ability as Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Todd Singer will run a clinical side of a Company, portion as Chief Clinical Officer. Mr. Scott Singer stated, “We are vehement to have Topspin

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Nerves Of Steel! Vet Performs Root Canal On Malayan Tiger

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May 04 2012

By Radar Staff

It’s a dauntless male who would brave to put his hands in a mouth of a tiger!

But for veterinarian Dr. Robert Gaddis, he was tasked with a unenviable pursuit of behaving a unpleasant base waterway procession on Kumar a Malayan tiger, and has photos of a haughtiness wracking procedure.

PHOTOS: Malayan Tiger Gets Root Canal At Birmingham Zoo

In a photos, the hulk feline is sedated while a dozen medical staff approximate him to make certain he is surfaced adult on anesthesia via and doesn’t suddenly arise up.

During a slight medical hearing during Birmingham Zoo in Alabama it was found that a 13-year-old tiger had a damaged tooth. But instead of stealing it – they motionless to perform a base waterway so a tooth could be recorded in an operation that

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UCSF School of Dentistry to Offer Free Dental Care for Children

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Feb 18 2012

By Leland Kim on February 17, 2012

Brent Lin, DMD, examines studious Moses Peralta during a UCSF School of Dentistry Dental Clinic during Parnassus.

Stephanie Peralta brings her 4 children to a UCSF School of Dentistry Clinic during Parnassus all a approach from Livermore, California.

The family creates a 45-mile tour opposite a overpass to get giveaway dental caring supposing by UCSF dental students and clinical expertise members. This year, a trek to San Francisco will take longer given a Bay Bridge will be sealed until Tuesday morning for construction work.

“I constantly tell them their teeth are going to tumble out if they don’t brush their teeth,” she said. “It’s tough to get them to get in good habits of brushing their teeth and continue doing it each day.”

This Saturday, a UCSF School of Dentistry is hosting the annual “Give Kids A Smile” module from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., offering

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