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Care Harbor Served Nearly 4,000 Patients during Four-Day Free Clinic during a Los Angeles Sports Arena

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Oct 03 2012

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Care Harbor, in partnership with LA Care Health Plan, wrapped adult a four-day giveaway hospital during a Los Angeles Sports Arena. Supported by Dignity Health, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, The California Endowment and a Los Angeles Sports Arena, a giveaway hospital supposing services to scarcely 4,000 patients from Sept. 27-30. Thanks to approximately 4,300 veteran and ubiquitous volunteers, patients perceived giveaway dental exams and cleanings, tooth extractions, prophesy exams and medication glasses, mammograms, Pap smears, podiatry consultations and more.

This year, Care Harbor collaborated with some-more than 100 organizations in a medical, dental and prophesy Los Angeles village to offer a underserved and underinsured. In further to a services provided, a Care Harbor/LA hospital connected some-more than 1,000 patients to medical homes with a support of some-more than 60 internal clinics and medical practices. Representatives were onsite scheduling follow-up appointments and forwarding medical

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Health Care: Spend or Save?

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Apr 29 2012

When to spend and when to save on 8 essentials that impact your health each day.


Old-school mercury versions, that are tough to review and can break, have left a approach of a Walkman. An inexpensive digital thermometer (about $6) is a new classical and some-more than adequate for a normal person. Two things to demeanour for: a big, backlit arrangement that’s easy to see in a dim room, and a quick reading time of about 15 seconds, says Caroline Dorsen, a board-certified family helper practitioner in New York City. 

Go for an under-the-tongue variety, as ear (or tympanic) thermometers are reduction reliable. A investigate finished during a Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, found that relatives regulating home tympanic models unsuccessful to detect a heat 25 percent of a time. If we have to check someone’s heat hourly, deposit in a temporal artery (forehead) thermometer. It’s even easier to use but

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