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Anthem Education Group Shares Flossing Tips for “Children’s Dental Health Month” in February

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Jan 25 2013

Anthem Education Group provides relatives with 5 flossing tips for children.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (PRWEB) Jan 23, 2013

The benevolence of Valentine’s Day mostly overshadows a significance of Feb being National Children’s Dental Health Month. According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tooth spoil is a heading ongoing spreading illness among children in a U.S. and it can lead to developmental issues inspiring eating, speaking, socializing, training and more. The good news is tooth spoil can simply be prevented with correct dental care.

“It is never too early to learn children correct flossing technique,” pronounced Kathie Marsh, Dental Assistant program curriculum coordinator for Anthem Education Group. “In fact, relatives can start kindly flossing their baby’s teeth as shortly as dual teeth appear.”

When educating your children about flossing, keep these 5 tips from

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Anthem Education Group Shares a “Tooth” about Flossing

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Nov 17 2012

Anthem Education Group provides 5 flossing tips for National Flossing Day on Friday, Nov 23.

Lauderdale Lakes, FL (PRWEB) Nov 16, 2012

Too many turkey during Thanksgiving might satisfy fatigue and means we to go to nap but flossing. According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of Oral Health (CDC), 54 million people live with untreated tooth decay in their permanent teeth, while a U.S. Surgeon General states that periodontal disease is one of a biggest threats to oral health and one of a many common ongoing diseases in a U.S. Rather than apropos a statistic, punch into a new verbal health regime on National Flossing Day on Friday, Nov 23.

In further to a cosmetic advantages such as uninformed exhale and cleaner, whiter teeth, flossing has many health advantages. Flossing on a

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