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Root Canal Treatment Versus Implant: When in Doubt Choose to Keep Your Tooth

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Jul 23 2012

CARDIFF, Wales, Jul 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

European Society of Endodontology recommends that a advantages and disadvantages of both treatments should be deliberate delicately

Natural tooth or synthetic fake tooth? That is a question. Every year thousands of patients are asked to confirm between saving a tooth by base waterway diagnosis or carrying a tooth extracted and transposed by some form of synthetic fake tooth. The European Society of Endodontology (ESE) advises patients to cruise a diagnosis options delicately and with a long-term consequences in mind. Recently, there has been a bent to remove and reinstate teeth that could have been saved with base waterway diagnosis and replacing them with an implant, placed within a bone of a jaws. Although gripping teeth or extracting teeth have advantages and disadvantages, it is apparent that priority should be given to treatments through

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CIGNA Expands the Dental HMO Product Suite, Continues Focus on Prevention

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Apr 19 2011

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CIGNA is expanding the Dental HMO skeleton with 24 new devise options
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