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Doing business with a smile: Oceanside Dental Care in Staten Island

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Feb 16 2014

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — From a cost to a fear, a outing to a dentist, for many, is a dreaded experience.

But some dental offices, like Oceanside Dental Care in Great Kills, are implementing policies — from ignored rates for procedures for those but word to sedation — that will make a appointment some-more tolerable.

“Our bureau focuses and treats a whole health of a patient. Our goal matter is to make patients’ dental knowledge a pleasing and educational one,” pronounced Dr. John V. Carli, who had a successful dentistry career in a Midwest before environment his sites on his former hometown of Staten Island.


4300 Hylan Blvd.
Suite #2C
Staten Island, NY 10312

Established: September, 2013

(718) 356-4211

“Staten Island has always been home,” pronounced Dr. Carli, who had his possess use in Chicago, IL from 1985 until 2011, and became the

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New Technology from Half Dental Makes for Less Painful Root Canals in St. George

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Sep 08 2013

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) Sep 06, 2013

Half Dental, distinguished family dentists in Utah, are demonstrating to their patients their bargain that removing verbal procedures and treatments might be rarely uncomfortable. Half Dental offers a latest record in sedation and pain service for vital procedures that minister to mouth replacement in St. George. These new techniques revoke or discharge a volume of pain gifted by patients. Resulting in reduction stress and some-more studious satisfaction, continued training and enrichment have proven to be successful for

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Leading Main Line Dentist, Premier Smiles, Now Offering 40% Off Britesmile Teeth Whitening

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May 03 2013
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Teeth Whitening Philadelphia

Premier Smiles Offering 40% Off BriteSmile

Premier Smiles not usually offers 40% off Britesmile, though also a giveaway consult, exam, cleaning and video debate of a mouth!

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) May 02, 2013

Leading Main Line and Philadelphia dentist, Premier Smiles, is now charity 40% off of Britesmile teeth whitening. This brings a cost down to $399, and involves removing a film star laugh in only one hour. Call (610) 674-1811 for some-more information and scheduling.

Britesmile teeth whitening brightens

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Complaint: HEALTH dental raids illegal

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Apr 24 2013

PROVIDENCE, R.I (WPRI) – Illegal raids and defilement of remoteness laws are only some of a accusations a Rhode Island Dental Association has waged opposite a state Department of Health.

The Rhode Island Dental Association filed a censure Monday in Rhode Island Superior Court opposite a Rhode Island Department of Heath. The censure cites disaster by a Department of Health and Rhode Island Board of Examiners in Dentistry in substantiating correct standards in stability education, dental bureau inspections and infection control.

It also alleges that health dialect staff conducted bootleg and unconstitutional raids of dental offices in Rhode Island.

According to a Rhode Island Dental Association, health dialect inspectors non-stop files and cabinets and interrogated staff, while a surgeon was behaving medicine on a studious underneath sedation.

It claims inspectors did not yield a duplicate of investigation reports and left with studious files, in defilement of a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

“Nothing is

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Leading Brooklyn Dentist, Brooklyn Smiles, Now Offering $300 Off Dental Implants and Complimentary Consult

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Apr 18 2013

One of a best dentists in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Smiles, is now charity $300 off dental implants along with a giveaway consult. For over 20 years, Brooklyn Smiles has been a personality in dental implants along with cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, laser dentistry as good as charity sedation for procedures.

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) Apr 17, 2013

One of a best dentists in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Smiles, is now charity $300 off dental implants along with a giveaway consult. For over 20 years, Brooklyn Smiles has been a personality in dental implants along with cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, laser dentistry as good as charity sedation for procedures. For those anticipating some-more information and to schedule, call (718) 635-4646.

Brooklyn Smiles prides itself on being a extensive dentistry practice. Dr. Gary Herskovits is a nationally famous figure for

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Endodontist Najia Usman to Discuss Root Canal Therapy on New TV Segment

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Apr 02 2013

Najia Usman DDS, of a Visage Surgical Institute, is scheduled to seem Tuesday, Mar 2nd, on WEWS News Channel 5 during a 4 p.m. Dr. Oz time slot, to share sum of a Endo Asleep root canal therapy.

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) Apr 01, 2013

Root waterway therapy is a diagnosis that causes stress in many people. A facial and verbal medicine use in Medina is seeking to change that, charity sedation and a “soothing atmosphere” for patients who need it.

Dentists suggest root waterway therapy when patients benefaction infection or repairs in a tooth’s pulp, that can be caused by a fractured tooth or untreated cavity.

While there are many endodontists in Ohio who perform base waterway therapy, few of them offer sedation with a ubiquitous anesthetic, according to Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Austin Dental Implants Adds Sedation Dentistry to List of Patient Services

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Dec 20 2012

LONDON, Dec 18 (Reuters) – If they hoped Andy Murray would have a Pied Piper outcome after rising as a grand impact champion, those who run British tennis have been sorely unhappy after total suggested a country’s exploding open courts are station empty. While universe series 3 Murray’s pretentious year and a arise of dual immature women into a tip 50 has put a healthy shimmer on 2012, a Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), so mostly hounded for a viewed disaster to grow a sport, is underneath glow again. …

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NoHo Dental Group is Now Offering Different Sedation Dentistry Options

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Dec 11 2012

If you’re not already wakeful of a self-willed CIA representative whose insist vigour to lane Al Qaeda couriers helped lead a approach to bin Laden’s compound, you’re about to be. The categorical impression of Zero Dark Thirty, a soon-to-be expelled Oscar attract that portrays a story of a Bin Laden raid, is formed on pronounced agent, “is formed on a genuine person” whose temperament stays personal as she’s still operative for a CIA. Things during Langley haven’t been going so good for pronounced secret, soon-to-be an unknown luminary spy, though. …

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Florida Dentistry Office Whitens Teeth for Charity

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Dec 03 2012

Emerald Coast Dentistry, a Fort Walton Beach dental use owned by Dr. Erin Sutton, is dedicated to free movement in a region. This year, a use has lifted over $3,000 for a Smiles for Life Foundation.

Fort Walton Beach, FL (PRWEB) Dec 03, 2012

Emerald Coast Dentistry is one of Fort Walton Beach’s heading cosmetic and family dental practices, quite for special needs patients. The hospital specializes in providing well-developed full-service dental care to special needs patients of all ages, as good as people with other medical conditions. The practice’s concentration on these patients involves a estimable volume of free activism, with half of a clinic’s deduction going to a Children’s Advocacy Center, a internal charity.

In further to their activism and free donations to a Children’s Advocacy Center, Emerald Coast Dentistry also donated one hundred percent of

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USC gets extend to supply child dental care

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Dec 02 2012

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 30 (UPI) — Funds from a 50-cent taxation on tobacco sole in California will yield dental caring to 46,000 disadvantaged children and their families, officials say.

The Ostrow School of Dentistry of a University of Southern California is to accept scarcely $18 million from a non-profit classification First 5 LA to support dental caring overdo to immature children. Established in 1998, First 5 LA oversees a Los Angeles County’s allocation of supports from Proposition 10, that combined a 50-cent taxation on tobacco products sole in California.

The Ostrow School of Dentistry programs will exercise verbal health preparation and verbal illness impediment programs; consider dental diagnosis needs; support families that enroll in word programs; minister to a operation of dual village dental clinics and yield sedation services during those sites; control dental open health research; and sight dentists and other medical professionals in providing preventive

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