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Local Family Life Expo has information for all

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Oct 07 2012

Helena area residents attending a initial internal Family Life Expo during a Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds Saturday had opportunities to learn about all from base canals to pet caring from internal experts and professionals.

Event organizer Kim Sapone pronounced she was gratified with a turnout, observant that they had booths to cover information people competence need “from birth to traffic with aged parents.”

“We consider of all in between, too, like education, shopping a home and traveling; we offer families entrance to information they competence need during several crossroads in their lives,” Sapone said. “We’ve had a nice, solid upsurge of people all day, with some peaks and lulls, though for a many partial it’s been really busy.”

Aric Curtiss brought his children, Kaleb, 6, and Lauryn, 4, to a eventuality since they were extraordinary about what was being offered.

“We were out pushing around and motionless to see what was going on at

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Straight Teeth Talk: The economy and your dental health

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Jan 04 2012

By Mac Lee

It’s all in a inhabitant news; dentists are pang since of a economy. Since we give seminars to other dentists, am on a house of a nationally-known dental educational organisation and we run with some really worldly dentists, we know a press is stating a truth. People are putting off going to a dentist and are blaming their actions on a economy.

Here is another approach to demeanour during a situation; your teeth do not know it is a down economy. Injured or putrescent teeth can’t reanimate themselves

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Dental Office Now Hiring

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Sep 15 2011

MIAMI — Town Care Dental is now hiring.

“We’re always looking for good candidates,” pronounced manager Haley Gober-Walker.

You don’t have to be a dentist or a dental hygienist to work during Town Care Dental. There are several other positions that need to be filled.

“We have good opportunities for people though dental experience. We have training programs and seminars and drill for them if they wish to learn how,” Gober-Walker said.

The association is always looking for friendly, caring people to work with both adults and children.

Currently there are 15-20 positions open for studious representatives, diagnosis coordinators and managers.

“We have people who have been operative 30 years that started off as a front table deputy and they grew to managers and district managers,” pronounced Gober-Walker.

And not usually do employees find fun in going to a dentist, though a idea here is to make

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