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South Bay mom promotes certain physique picture with Facebook page

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Jun 11 2013

For many women, posing in a showering fit ranks right adult there with a base waterway in terms of upsetting activities, though a San Jose mom is behind a new online bid directed to change that.

KTVU spoke on Monday with that curvy San Jose mom who says we don’t need to demeanour like a indication to strike a beach.

“Advertisers paint an impractical design of what they feel women should demeanour like,” pronounced Jessy Kissinger.

Kissinger is on a goal to showcase genuine women. She’s doing it on a extravagantly renouned Facebook page, “Plus Size Mommas.”

The mom of two, Kissinger was a initial user to post a design of herself in a swimsuit on a page.

“I’m not ashamed of my body,” she said. “I adore it.”

Kissenger afterwards speedy other fuller figured women to do a same. And they have; already a page has some-more than 72,000 likes.

“I feel like I’m assisting a

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Find More Dental Patients during The Texas Meeting

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Apr 30 2013
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Finding a dentist in Dallas

Southwest Dental Conference 2013

we am anxious to be presenting a latest advancements in selling and studious recruitment directly to a dental professionals during a TDA annual meeting

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) Apr 30, 2013, a website where

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InfoSign Media Enhances Dental Office Digital TV Displays with Social Media Features

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Nov 16 2012

InfoSign Media, a visual communications company specializing in formulating customizable, educational digital media content and a ancillary networks for dental offices, has stretched a capability of their renouned ServDentist™ TV product with social media features.

Chambly, Quebec (PRWEB) Nov 14, 2012

InfoSign Media, a visible communications association specializing in formulating customizable, educational digital media calm and a ancillary networks for dental offices, has stretched a capability of their renouned ServDentist™ TV product with amicable media features.

InfoSign Media has enabled a use of amicable media calm within a ServDentist™ TV height including logos and updates from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other amicable media channels. InfoSign Media has done this new routine a primer step implemented by a operator, that allows for pre preference of usually a preferred amicable media content.

Subscribers can also integrate

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Provia Labs Makes Chicago Midwinter Meeting Debut and Launches Store-A-Tooth™ Dental Stem Cell Preservation, Enabling …

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Feb 15 2012

Dentists can be during a forefront of a rising margin of regenerative medicine by charity Store-A-Tooth™ dental stem cell banking.

This use enables families to save their possess adult branch cells from teeth that are naturally entrance out or being extracted. Dental professionals play a purpose in creation patients wakeful of this option, giving families a choice to safely and firmly store their stem cells currently – in a available and affordable approach – so that they can take advantage of destiny therapies in regenerative medicine and dentistry.

Provia Laboratories, LLC will be exhibiting a Store-A-Tooth™ dental branch dungeon refuge use during a Chicago Midwinter Meeting during counter # 3346.

Lexington, MA (PRWEB) Feb 15, 2012

Provia Laboratories, LLC will be exhibiting during a Chicago Midwinter Meeting during counter # 3346 to showcase a Store-A-Tooth™ dental stem

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Alberta dentist pays $31,000 for John Lennon’s tooth

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Nov 08 2011

An Alberta dentist placed a winning bid on one of John Lennon’s teeth, profitable $31,000 for a molar that was partial of an auction in a U.K. this weekend.

Michael Zuk, who collects animal teeth and luminary memorabilia, found out that his dual hobbies were to come together while reading a press recover from a auction house.

Zuk pronounced once he saw Lennon’s molar listed by Omega Auctions in Stockport, “I knew we indispensable to have it.”

“To me we suspicion it was only cool,” Zuk told CTV News Channel Sunday evening. “Even yet it’s a decaying tooth and it’s got tartar on it.”

Lennon reportedly gave a tooth to his housekeeper someday in a 1960s. The housekeeper’s daughter kept a tooth, including a time while she lived in Canada after marrying a Canadian, before putting it adult for auction.

The Red Deer dentist pronounced he was adult for most

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Los Angeles Dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands, Now Treats Gum Disease with Laser Care

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May 10 2011

Posted on: Monday, 9 May 2011, 08:00 CDT

LOS ANGELES, May 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Popular dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Kevin Sands, DDS, knows how deleterious resin illness can be to a verbal health of a patient. Early showing is a pivotal to avoiding modernized dental procedures to revive problems compared with periodontal disease. Dr. Sands has invested in laser technologies to learn and diagnose early signs of resin disease. This laser caring is assisting some-more patients safety grin quality.

As a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Sands knows how critical a good grin can be to an normal chairman or celebrity. There are many famous people that count on grin peculiarity as partial of a pursuit or long-term career. Many pleasing smiles are combined by Dr. Sands to give patients a verbal coming that they require. Achieving a good grin starts with personal oral

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