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Marietta Dentist Kirk Kimmerling DDS Now Accepts CareCredit Dental Payment Plan

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Dec 12 2012

Kirk Kimmerling DDS of Marietta, GA, has announced that his dental bureau will now accept a CareCredit dental payment plan. With a further of this new remuneration plan, some-more patients will be means to accept dental services.

Marietta, GA (PRWEB) Dec 12, 2012

Marietta cosmetic dentist, Kirk Kimmerling DDS now accepts a CareCredit remuneration choice for studious services. Patients who revisit Dr. Kimmerling’s dental use and who have successfully practical for CareCredit might accept a whole horde of dental services, including base canals, whitening, dental implants, and other treatments.

The CareCredit remuneration devise offers special financing and low monthly remuneration plans, no up-front costs, and no-prepayment penalties ( The CareCredit label can be used for dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry, and follow-up appointments, and can also be used for deductibles and co-payments.

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“Virtual Dentist” Dental Simulation App Becomes a #1 Ranked iPhone Medical App in a US

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Nov 28 2012

ModiFace-powered Dental Simulation App Features Ability To Simulate Fillings, Dental Reshaping, Teeth Whitening, Braces, Veneers, Gum Reshaping, and Much More

(PRWEB) Nov 27, 2012

ModiFace Inc., a heading facial visualization technology provider that powers over 100 web and mobile applications, is announcing a launch of a dental make-believe app on a iPhone and iPad called “Virtual Dentist”, that recently reached a #1 ranking on a iTunes App Store for US iPhone Medical apps. The Virtual Dentist focus simulates several dental procedures including veneers, fillings, dental reshaping, drilling, braces, whitening, resin bleaching, resin reshaping, and more. Users can select a indication print or upload (from Facebook, their album, or by holding a photo) to copy dental procedures on their possess image. Using a really easy-to-use hold interface, they can afterwards request specific procedures to their teeth.

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Closing a Gap on Comfortable and Effective Cosmetic Dental Care: Lana Rozenberg, D.D.S. Now Offers Restylane in NYC …

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Oct 29 2012

New York, NY, Oct. 29, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —
Lana Rozenberg, D.D.S.
now offers cosmetic injectables, such as

Restylane(R) in New York City
, not usually to grasp a more
youthful coming though also to grasp a some-more pleasing smile. As
gum retrogression occurs, a resin will indeed lift divided from the
tooth, formulating a apparition of a blackened space between teeth.
Although a initial means of this retrogression might be treated, the
gums will still seem receded. Dr. Rozenberg’s belligerent breaking
Gum Gap Restoration in NYC
, utilizes Restylane(R) injections to
add resin volume between teeth, stuffing in a blackened space, and
achieving a shapelier, some-more glamorous smile.

Beginning stages of resin retrogression might not display roots or cause
tooth attraction though can be cosmetically unappealing. Gum Gap
Restoration will build resin volume between teeth and lapse the
natural-looking and healthy figure to your

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South Charlotte Dentist Excited About a Possible Future of Jaw Replacement

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Aug 22 2012

A new process of jaw re-constructing might be probable due to branch dungeon research. According to a research, dentists might be means to re-grow bone regulating stem cells instead of replacing it with synthetic materials. Dr. James A. Wells of South Charlotte Dentistry says “Patients who have gifted bone detriment or are blank teeth can severely advantage from any new advances.”

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) Aug 22, 2012

A new investigate by a University of Michigan School of Dentistry, a Michigan Center for Oral Health Research, and Aastrom Biosciences Inc., located in Ann Arbor, might have grown a new process of re-constructing a jaw when teeth have been lost. According to a research, dentists might be means to re-grow bone regulating branch cells instead of replacing it with fake materials as we do now.

“This is potentially good news,” says Dr. James

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Stem dungeon therapy could offer new wish for verbal and facial injuries

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Jul 31 2012

Washington, Jul 31(ANI): Using stem cells to re-grow craniofacial tissues-mainly bone-proved quicker, some-more effective and reduction invasive than normal bone metamorphosis treatments, researchers have found in a initial tellurian investigate of a kind.

Researchers from a University of Michigan School of Dentistry and a Michigan Center for Oral Health Research partnered with Ann Arbor-based Aastrom Biosciences Inc. in a clinical trial, that concerned 24 patients who compulsory jawbone reformation after tooth removal.

Patients possibly perceived initial tissue repair cells or normal guided bone regeneration therapy. The hankie correct cells, called ixmyelocel-T, are underneath growth during Aastrom, that is a U-M spinout company.

“In patients with jawbone deficiencies who also have blank teeth, it is really formidable to reinstate a blank teeth so that they demeanour and duty naturally,” pronounced Darnell Kaigler, principal questioner and partner highbrow during a U-M School of Dentistry.

“This record and

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Can a newly-discovered chemical discharge cavities?

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Jul 11 2012

Scientists news they might have detected a chemical that creates teeth cavity-proof, potentially expelling a need for dear and unpleasant fillings in a future, Chile journal Diario Financiero reported.

Researchers Jose Cordova from Yale University and Erich Astudillo from a Universidad de Santiago in Chile, who detected a chemical, pronounced it is means to discharge a cavity-producing germ Streptococcus mutans in as small as 60 seconds.  They called a chemical Keep 32 – since there are 32 teeth in a tellurian mouth.

According to Astudillo, a chemical could be incorporated into a accumulation of products trimming from toothpaste and mouthwash to resin and candy.   

He and Cordova estimated Keep 32 could be on a marketplace in 14 to 18 months if it proves successful in tellurian trials.  They have filed a obvious in a U.S. for a product, that they wish to permit to hygiene-oriented companies such as Colgate or Procter

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Virus can't keep Roo down

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Jun 13 2012

Scott McMahon has recovered from a poser illness



NORTH Melbourne defender Scott McMahon is accessible for preference after a poser illness landed him in sanatorium and ruled him out for most of a early partial of 2012.

After personification with North Melbourne in turn four, McMahon was on antibiotics after a base waterway procession when he felt sick. His daughter also felt sick.

He grown a unreasonable that enveloped his physique for 5 days, requiring him to go

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Princeton University researchers rise tooth connection that detects bacteria

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Jun 03 2012

toothtattoocow.JPGWireless tooth tattoo adhered to a cow’s tooth

– It might not be a latest character in cow bling, though researchers during Princeton University contend a golden tattoo trustworthy to a cow’s tooth could one day tell we something about your health.

The remote intuiting device has a ability to detect a singular bacterium, and to demonstrate, scientists during Princeton recently trustworthy a ultra-thin device — done of strands of bullion and silk — to a aspect of an extracted cow’s tooth and had somebody blow opposite it. The device successfully purebred a participation of bacteria.

“We can detect a singular bacterium, that is unequivocally critical since it can take usually a few germ to make we sick,” pronounced Michael McAlpine, an partner highbrow during Princeton whose group of researchers grown the

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I Hate Going To The Dentist But we Have To

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May 08 2012

I only wanted to write about my knowledge tooth extraction. So we don’t forget this experience. …in box we need to get my top knowledge teeth extracted too.

It will be in stages since we tend to wind on and on when articulate about myself.

In fact, this post was ostensible to be entitled “Wisdom Tooth Extraction” afterwards we find myself paragraphs on and we STILL have not got to a point. So we came behind to change a pretension and explain since we altered it. LOL.


So, about a month ago, my right knowledge tooth began to hurt. we had been especially regulating a right partial of my mouth to gnaw food, since 4 months ago we got a porcelain climax placed on one of my left molars and it was tough to chew, since when we put vigour on

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Illinois Children Don't See Dentist Early Enough

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Apr 26 2012

NAPERVILLE, Ill., Apr 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Children in Illinois don’t see their family dentist on normal until they are 3 1/2 years old,(1) when in fact it’s endorsed that a child should go to a dentist within 6 months of removing a initial tooth – and no after than a initial birthday.(2)

The Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation is kicking off “Dentist by 1,” a statewide open use debate to teach relatives about a advantages of holding their children to a dentist by age 1 and to inspire them to report a visit.

“Caregivers might consider since their child’s baby teeth will eventually tumble out, that caring for them is reduction important. But baby teeth assistance children gnaw and pronounce scrupulously and reason space for permanent teeth,” pronounced Katina Morelli, DDS, dental executive for Delta Dental of Illinois. “Tooth spoil is scarcely 100 percent preventable, though can rise any time after

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