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Technology detects cavities earlier, dentists say

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Feb 10 2014

SALT LAKE CITY — Some dentists are starting to use record that gives them an early foresee of cavities. They contend it can save patients time, income and pain.

Dr. Christopher Young is regulating a sincerely new apparatus called Spectra in his dental exams. It gives dentists and patients a clearer design of how germ are spiteful teeth.

“Bacteria, when it gets in a tooth, we have no thought what instruction it’s going to start to eat divided your tooth,” Young said.

Spectra spots germ and cavities that can get missed by a dentist’s eye, an path-finder tool, or even X-rays. It’s a camera of sorts, packaged into a wand. It sends a lamp of fluorescent light to a tooth. Any cavity-causing germ on a tooth will simulate that light, in opposite colors.

Orange or red signifies bigger problems.

“That’s revelation us that’s a poignant form and that’s going deeper into your tooth,” Young

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Dental apparatus to palliate reserve concerns

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May 30 2012

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A informed continue record is clearing things adult for dentists and patients. It’s a Spectra System, regulating Doppler radar to detect tooth decay.

Doppler radar takes on a opposite turn during a dentist office. You are not looking during a charge on radar.

“That red area is indeed where a form is forming,” pronounced Dr. John Levy indicating to a screen. “This is unequivocally sparkling since now we can indeed see things but any radiation, and it’s unequivocally a advantage for a studious and it’s also a advantage for a dentists as well.”

No deviation needed.

“It’s only another apparatus in a apparatus chest,” pronounced Dr. Levy.

Instead of a collect or low deviation x-rays, Dr. Levy with Levy Dental Group in New Haven, relies on Doppler radar.

The same record meteorologists use to foresee a continue now enables him to clearly detect aspect tooth decay.

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