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Dr. Well’s of South Charlotte Dentistry Offers Oral Health Trends Report

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Feb 23 2014

2014 Oral Health Trends Report

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) Feb 22, 2014

Dr. James Wells of South Charlotte Dentistry has been in a verbal health attention for 18 years. He has been a first-hand declare to a many trends and attitudes that have influenced both a dental veteran and patients in a past dual decades. In his 2014 Report on Oral Health Trends, Dr. Wells has some good news to share with a Charlotte community.

“The biggest change in dentistry has been a bid towards medicine care,” says Dr. James Wells. “When we initial began to use dentistry, extractions and formulating dentures for people were routine. It’s extraordinary how preparation and information can change individual’s lives and a contention itself.”

Dr. Wells believes that there are many factors that have caused people to keep their teeth for a longer duration of time.

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Care of baby’s teeth

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Aug 29 2013

The initial set of teeth are important, since after they come in, they let your baby gnaw food and speak well. You baby’s initial set of teeth also binds a space where permanent teeth will eventually be so  caring for your baby’s teeth by following these suggestions:

• Clean a new teeth each day. When a teeth initial come in, purify them by rubbing them kindly with a purify soppy washcloth. When a teeth are bigger, use a child’s toothbrush.

You might find that sitting your baby on your lap, confronting divided from you, helps we strech his teeth some-more easily. This position will work good when your baby is a toddler, too. See some-more ideas for how to brush a squirming toddler’s teeth.

If your baby resists carrying his teeth brushed give him a toothbrush to reason as well. This approach he is some-more expected to feel in

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Marketing kid-friendly toothpaste

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Aug 17 2013

Dentist Steve Branam supposing a thought behind Branam Oral Health Technologies and a products to branch tooth spoil in children. Xylitol, a naturally occurring sweetener, is used to revoke bacteria.


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A young, internal association that sells kid-friendly verbal health-care products continues to grow, though a officers contend it’s been some-more severe than approaching to mangle into a market.

Mick Janness, boss of Branam Oral Health Technologies, pronounced a association shipped a largest sequence to date on Wednesday and will have a products in as

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Tooth spoil common in immature kids generally during summer months

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Aug 17 2013


Has your child been to a dentist before streamer behind to school?

Dr. Doug Allen with AA Dental caring in Quincy says he sees some-more cavities in teenagers and younger children in a summer months.

Allen says that’s since during a propagandize break, kids are some-more prone to splash sweetened drinks and not brush their teeth properly.

Allen says now is a ideal time to get kids behind into a healthy brushing routine.

“The categorical thing is with propagandize removing behind in, it’s a good time to start a routine, we get prepared for school, and partial of removing prepared is brushing your teeth. Same thing when it’s time to get your task done, time for bed, before we strike a pouch brush your teeth,” pronounced Allen.

Allen says kids should brush their teeth during slightest twice a day, and advises relatives to make certain a toothpaste they use contains fluoride.


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Care Mobile gives kids a reason to smile

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Jul 31 2013

When we hear about a Ronald McDonald house, we substantially cruise of a house, though a things they do detonate good over these walls.

Check out a Ronald McDonald/Delta Dental Care Mobile. Care Mobile is a 40 feet long, state-of-the-art dental bureau on wheels that travels around South Dakota assisting kids in each tiny town, city, township, indentation and corner in a state.

Carrie Mikkonen is a Care Mobile Program Manager. She says, We’ve finished tighten to $10 million value of care, roughly 22,000 children, and we will continue to do this. It costs about $18,000 a week to run this truck, We give divided toothbrushes and toothpaste and we do a lot of verbal health education, and tobacco counseling.

Carrie’s pursuit is an critical one, generally when we cruise that tooth spoil is a many common ongoing childhood disease.

In further to full dental exams and x rays, Care Mobile even updates kids

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The mini marbles that can correct tooth spoil and assuage supportive teeth

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Jul 23 2013

Roger Dobson

18:36 EST, 22 Jul 2013


20:05 EST, 22 Jul 2013

Tiny potion balls in toothpaste might hindrance spoil and also assistance with supportive teeth. The balls, that are no wider than a tellurian hair, enclose calcium and phosphate, essential components of tooth finish (the tough, protecting outdoor covering of a tooth).

They have been grown to assistance correct teeth shop-worn by decay, though where a repairs is not serious adequate to aver a filling.

As good as rebellious decay, a potion balls might revoke a problem of supportive teeth – where a tooth finish is ragged down, exposing a dentine, a softer covering underneath.

Ballin': Tiny potion balls in toothpaste have been grown to correct teeth shop-worn by decay

Ballin’: Tiny potion balls in toothpaste have been grown to correct teeth shop-worn by decay

The balls, that have been combined by

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ZOOM Whitening Is Now Offered during Alton Dental

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May 21 2013
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Burlington, Ontario (PRWEB) May 20, 2013

There are many factors that minister to teeth discoloration, like celebration caffeinated sodas, wine, coffee, as good as smoking and tooth injury. Another common means of tooth blemish is age. No matter how good we purify your teeth, it will eventually turn dull.

“Your teeth can now be whitened adult to 9 shades with Zoom! Whitening Treatments during a Burlington dental office, Alton Dental”. The Zoom! routine takes about an hour, during that a special jelly is practical to your teeth in 3 15-minute sessions. During these sessions, a special Zoom! light is focused onto your teeth, violation adult stains and discoloration. The whole routine takes approximately an hour, after that we go home with a pleasing white smile. Learn some-more during


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Dental Research: Theobromine, a Chocolate-Based Active Ingredient in Theodent™ Toothpaste, Works Better Than …

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Apr 30 2013

Home Prices Will Remain Relatively Stagnant for Next 10 Years: ShillerDaily Ticker Videos

“There’s a lot of fad in a housing marketplace now, though it competence be only brief term,” says Robert Shiller, …

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Fluorosis a common means of tooth stains: WTOL 11 Special Report

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Apr 12 2013

For years dentists have been an disciple for fluoride in water, arguing a advantages severely transcend a risk.  Dr. Steven Lantzy, a Dentist during Corner Dental in Toledo says, “The CDC believes putting fluoride in a H2O is one of a biggest advances in health in a 20th century.”

But, many dentists determine that a volume of fluoride currently is in some-more products than ever before causing dentists to see some-more Dental Fluorosis, a change in a coming of a tooth enamel. 

These changes can operation from hardly conspicuous white spots to dirty and pitting in some-more serious cases.  However, a risk is usually in children. 

“Fluorosis occurs when you’re a child, when those teeth are building is when the fluorosis occurs, it can't occur as an adult.  You can take glorious caring of your teeth, be good during flossing, still see your dentist frequently and still have fluorosis” says Lantzy.


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Dental caring should start early

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Apr 10 2013

MASON CITY — Dental caring should be partial of a child’s life even before they spin a year old.

As shortly as a teeth erupt, relatives need to start brushing their child’s teeth, pronounced dentist Nathan Hehr, of Nettleton Dental Group, Mason City, and dentist Matt Hansen, of Central Park Dentistry, Mason City.

Infants typically get teeth around 6 months of age, though it can also occur before or after 6 months.

To keep a teeth clean, relatives should use a toothbrush, or if that seems too bulky, a washcloth can work, too, Hehr said.

“They can massage a gums and rinse a teeth clean,” he said.

When it comes to toothpaste, children’s toothpaste is accessible or non-fluoridated types, Hansen said. These should be used until a child is aged adequate to separate a toothpaste out.

Parents should remember brushing is some-more critical than a toothpaste itself, Hansen said.

“That’s a many critical thing — removing the

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