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Rise Of The Guardians

Tooth Care | Posted by admin
Nov 29 2012

It sounds like a opening to a potentially descent joke. Santa Claus, a Easter Bunny and a Tooth Fairy travel into a bar…

DreamWorks Animation gets a final giggle with Rise Of The Guardians, though. Their latest CGI journey is a festive yule chronicle that only about overcomes a gimmicky concept.

Following on from a successes of How To Train Your Dragon and a Kung Fu Pandas, ROTG warps normal fairytales as childhood ‘Guardians’ North (ie Santa, uttered by Alec Baldwin), E. Aster Bunnymund (Hugh Jackman) and Tooth (Isla Fisher) combine opposite nightmare-spreading boogeyman Pitch (Jude Law).

Notions that this is fundamentally a Christmas chronicle of Avengers Assemble, though, infer unfounded.

With a flowing opening shot of soon-to-be-Guardian Jack Frost (Chris Pine) flapping in icy purgatory, it’s some-more like a kiddies Bourne Identity.

As Frost battles his absentmindedness and becomes an movement hero, all that’s missing

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