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Polar bear undergoes base canal

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Nov 17 2012

ArktosVets worked for 3 hours on Arktos’ decaying canine

A frigid bear during a Scottish wildlife park has had base waterway diagnosis on a rotted tooth.

A group of vets spent 3 hours operative on Arktos, who weighs 75 stones (477 kg) and had been sedated.

Arktos shares an enclosing during a Highland Wildlife Park during Kincraig with Walker, also a masculine bear. Walker compulsory dental diagnosis in 2011.

The bears’ keepers pronounced a operation on four-year-old Arktos on Thursday morning was successful.

Broken or putrescent teeth can lead to a genocide of a frigid bear, a park’s owners a Royal Zoological Society of Scotland said.

Walker and Arktos are lerned to open their mouths for their keepers so their teeth can be examined on

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Root waterway for Wellington's object bear

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Oct 30 2012

By Julian Lee

One of New Zealand’s usually bears was drugged for a base waterway operation during Wellington Zoo today.

Sean a object bear had an putrescent tooth and zoo staff were disturbed it could means some-more critical damage.

Wellington Zoo’s Paul Horton says it was critical a tooth was private in sequence to forestall Sean from building dangerous diseases such as septicaemia.

“It might not get putrescent though there’s each possibility he’ll get an infection from that,” he says. “It can be life-threatening during a finish of a day.”

Sean and his daughter Sasa are a smallest and least-known of 8 bear class worldwide, and a usually bears in New Zealand.

Mr Horton pronounced a zoo is well-equipped to understanding with these sorts of medical contingencies.

“Surgery has fundamental risks so we’ve got a flattering special group here. We’ve got a zoo group apparently that understanding with wildlife patients pretty

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K-9 gets base waterway from internal dentist

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Jan 10 2012

ROSEBURG, Ore. — One of Douglas County’s newest crime fighters indispensable a small work finished in sequence to stay on a job.

Ido, who is one of a Roseburg Police Department’s new K-9 dogs, had a fractured tooth that was bothering him.

The haughtiness had died and filled with debris, so a internal dentist volunteered his time to perform a base canal.

Doctor Ron Tribble had to be additional clever since a dog’s teeth are critical to his work. “In a opposite procession we would have done a opposite opening indicate and left during it from a opposite approach,” Dr. Tribble said. “We wanted to try and say each bit of a length we could on that tooth, so it was successful.”

Unlike a human’s tooth, dog teeth are longer and curve, that creates it some-more formidable to do.

The procession usually took about 90 mins and Ido was behind out that night patrolling with

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Dentist travels from Los Angeles to caring for animals

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Nov 03 2011


Root canals make people cringe, though suppose a dentist behaving a base waterway on a tiger.

That’s accurately what happened Tuesday during Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary on a Northside. One of a Siberian tigers, Athena, pennyless her tooth on a fondle and it became really infected.

So a dentist and a group of doctors and nurses achieved a base waterway to make her better.

By a time Athena reached a handling room, she was already sedated. Doctors slid a trach tube down her throat to keep her that way, and a group of doctors and nurses got to work.

“This procession is exactly

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Cheetah during Living Desert gets indispensable dental work

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Sep 15 2011

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Topaz lay stretched out underneath a comfortable blanket, mouth propped open and prepared for her base canal, preoccupied to a group of doctors and technicians operative around her, branch her physique each that way.

The 13-year-old, 90-pound cheetah during The Living Desert was atop a gurney in a potion enclosed medicine room Sept. 8 during a zoo’s Tennity Wildlife Hospital and Conservation Center.

There was no twitching of a paws as inclination monitored her heart and other critical signs. No bushy ear fluttered as they changed her conduct from side to side to X-ray her mouth.

Not even a flip of a tail when Dr. Judith Yee, a dentist with Desert Veterinary Specialists, drilled in Topaz’s mouth.

Most surgical and hearing procedures finished during zoo’s sanatorium can be noticed by

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Cheetah gets a base waterway during Living Desert in Palm Desert

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Sep 09 2011

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Nobody likes to have a base canal, though if you’re a cheetah, we during slightest get to nap by a procedure.

Topaz, a 13-year-old cheetah during The Living Desert in Palm Desert, started her day Thursday with a outing to a dentist.

Stretched out on a gurney in a potion enclosed medicine room during a zoo’s Tennity Wildlife Hospital and Conservation Center, a anesthetized 90-pound cat was preoccupied to a group of about 6 doctors and technicians operative on her.

There was no twitching of a paws as inclination trustworthy to them to guard her heart and other vitals were adjusted. No ear flutters as they changed her conduct from side to side to X-ray her mouth.

Not even a flip of a tail when Dr. Judith Yee, a dentist with Desert Veterinary Specialists, began drilling and digging around in Topaz’s mouth.

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Cheetah during Safari Gets Root Canal

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Apr 23 2011


By Sharon Ko


WINSTON, Ore. — Hermamo is 15-years-old, creation him a oldest cheetah during a Wildlife Safari. Staff contend he’s indispensable to get a base waterway finished ever given they beheld he had an unprotected tooth.


“The animals here get a oppulance and are marred and have a dentist come by for a visit,” says Sarah Roy, carnivore supervisor.


It competence seem like a luxury. But any zoo animal needs all a TLC he can get. Since Hermamo is among a oldest here, staffers contend a base waterway can extend his life for another 3 to 4 years.


“Because only a elementary damaged tooth can abcess and means a animal not being means to eat,” says Roy.


While he’s removing his base canal, a full earthy is done.


“We’re gonna run blood, make certain all of his levels are good, and check his coats for fleas and ticks. We have staff monitoring his vitals a whole time,” says

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Festival taps honeyed tooth

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Mar 09 2011

MEDORA — Rain and high H2O didn’t keep a inundate of people from attending a third annual National Maple Syrup Festival during Burton’s Maplewood Farm over a weekend.

Rain didn’t even stop out-of-county or state travelers from saying a festival that raises income for a Head Start!!! Foundation and continues to benefit inhabitant courtesy during a plantation of Tim and Angie Burton, in Medora on Saturday and Sunday.

Kelly Turner, executive of a Heads Up!!! Foundation, pronounced she was repelled Saturday when vocalization with one family from Pennsylvania.

“They looked during me and said, ‘We’re here for this,’” pronounced Turner, who combined she wasn’t awaiting that answer when she asked because they were in a area.

In a third year, a festival continues to benefit inhabitant plugs, including a mark in a magazine, Better Homes and Gardens underneath “Things to do in March.”

 “I even get a small teary-eyed now articulate about it,” Turner added.

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