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Campaign for dental caring hits a streets of Vancouver

Tooth Care | Posted by admin
Jul 31 2011

Last dusk while walking by Mount Pleasant, we stumbled opposite some authentic village organizing.

I speckled a lady dancing on a dilemma of East Broadway and Kingsway wearing a sandwich-board-size pointer made like a hulk tooth. It said: “Dental Care Is a Human Right.”

It’s partial of a grassroots campaign by a Alliance for People’s Health to get dental caring lonesome underneath a Medical Services Plan of B.C.

The travel dancer, Melanie Spence, was attracting courtesy so that people would proceed a corner. Her compatriots in a campaign, Azar Mehrabadi and Jannie Leung, were collecting people’s stories about their verbal health and miss of entrance to dental care. They’re also removing people to pointer petitions.

I even common my story of not going to a dentist for many years in my late teenagers and early to mid-20s since it seemed too expensive.

Spence told me that their “Smile With Dignity” debate is

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